Google PageRank Update : February 2012

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It has been about 3 months since last Google PageRank update  and Google has pushed out a new one today. I have noticed that Pagerank has been changed for many of my blog’s. I am happy with this Google Pagerank update result. Hope you are all having a happy Page Rank Update too. For Tricks Machine, Google PR is still 3, I was expecting PR 4 for this blog, anyways.

Last Google PR update was in November 2o11 and now this one is in February 2012. Google sticked to a 3 month PageRank update cycle, when they remember to push out the update.

I am sharing my blogs Google Pagerank update with you –

Even my personal website got PR2. For those who don’t know about Google Pagerank, I will be very brief about it and its one of the main factor that decide your SERP (Search Engine Rank Position). PR is a value from 0 to 10 while the value from 7 to 10 can be a dream!

So guys, have you seen the Google PageRank update on your website? Let us know what’s your new PageRanks via comments below.


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