The Complete List of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows 8 is an excellent operating system for tablets or computers with touch screens, but like most of us do not have a touchscreen computer that makes us dysfunctional to use Windows 8.

Well Microsoft thinking of us has created a list of shortcuts Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts, thanks to these cuts going to be able for example to show the old interface of Windows , open the browser or open the start menu,

Here is the complete list of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts (very useful)

  • Windows Key – It shows the home screen interface
  • Win + B – You change to Windows Classic window
  • Win + C – Open the menu where you can search, share and change the system configuration.
  • Win + D – You change the old desktop interface
  • Win + E – You open Windows Explorer
  • Win + F – Opens the Metro browser
  • Win + H – Share
  • Win + I – Open the control panel where you can make changes to the current application , raise or lower the volume, set up wireless networks, turn off the computer or adjust the brightness
  • Win + K – You open the device pane
  • Win + L – You lock the PC and displays the login screen
  • Win + M – Minimizes all windows and displays the desktop
  • Win + O – Lock the device orientation
  • Win + P – Choose from the available views
  • Win + Q – Search
  • Win + R – Switch to Classic Windows and shows you the Run Box
  • Win + U – Changes to Windows Classic and opens the Access Center
  • Win + V – Displays notifications
  • Win + W – Open the search screen in the configuration
  • Win + X – Open the Start menu
  • Win + Y – Open the desktop temporarily
  • Win + Z – Open the application bar on any application Metro
  • Win + Page Up / Page Down – Move tiles to the left or right
  • Win + Tab – You open the menu to switch between applications at Metro, change application
  • Win +, (comma) – Shows Aero to your desktop
  • Win +. (Point) – Sets the Metro application that is open to the right of the screen
  • Win + Shift +. (Point) – Sets the Metro application that is open to the left of the screen
  • Win + Space – You change the language and keyboard
  • Win + Shift + V – Reverse cycle through toasts
  • Win + Enter – Opens the narrator
  • Win + Arrow Keys – You change to the Windows Classic view and allows Aero

Do not miss the video of Pope Chris Pirillo about Windows 8 put him in front had no idea how to use it, despite being a Windows user all his life. If you want to download the Windows 8, then read this article to get the Windows 8 download links. I hope above Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts will help you to get the most out of Windows 8.


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