3 Best Auto Answer Apps for Android

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Today I am sharing the best Auto Answer Apps for Android. Most of us have become inseparable from our smartphones, and despite the fact that their versatility has made more than just simple phones, we still occasionally use them for what used to be their primary functionality, i.e. talking.

Auto answer apps for android

Even though there are different hands free systems that allow you to talk without having to hold the phone next to your ear, you still have to accept or refuse an incoming call, which requires you to pay attention to the phone, and use your hands.

Auto Answer Apps for Android

While this is usually not such a huge problem, if you are cycling or driving and you are expecting an important call, having to fumble around with the phone could be extremely unsafe.

Naturally, driving and talking should be avoided, but if you absolutely have to accept the call – this is where apps of this type come in, allowing you to answer without even touching the phone.

Auto Answer Apps for Android

Here are the list of 3 Best Auto Answer Apps for Android.


Sanity is a Android Auto Answer App and a versatile call management app, which offers much more features than a simple auto answer app. Apart from announcing who is calling or who have sent you a message, so that you know if it’s urgent enough to warrant your attention, the app is actually capable to alert you of the messages or calls from people in your exceptions list, even if your phone is currently silenced.

It will go out of silent mode for the people you list, making sure that you never miss an important call. You can also use the app to blacklist certain numbers, making them unable to reach you, or simply block calls coming from unknown numbers. If you choose so, the app can record your conversations, so if you are going over a lot of data during your call, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important information.

Finally, the Auto Answer for Android app can be programmed to automatically shut off Bluetooth, Data, Wi-Fi and GPS connections while you are talking, which doesn’t only save battery life, but also provides for healthier phone use due to the decrease in electromagnetic waves. Best of all, the app is completely free, so you should definitely try it out. This is one of the best Auto Answer Apps for Android.

Auto Answer – Whistle & SMS

Another free Android Auto Answer App that might make your life easier, Auto Answer – Whistle & SMS employs an interesting method of receiving input. Namely, if you want the app to accept the incoming call, all you have to do is whistle.

While this solution may not be ideal for some situations, it is definitely adapted for instances in which most people need apps of this type, which is to say while driving. It comes with a handy speed dialer that can hold up to 18 contacts and with an interesting take on contacts arrangement and management.

Phone Auto Answer

Phone auto answer is a very simple and straightforward app that comes with just the basic functionality. You only have to activate the app, and if there is an incoming call it will be automatically answered in 5 seconds or so.

If you are using the free version there will be no settings to tweak, and you don’t really have anything to do apart from activating or deactivating the app, while the Pro version, which comes at $1.94, will allow you to adjust the time period after which the call is answered.

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Do you know more Auto Answer Apps which can be used for Auto Answer Incoming Call? Share those Auto Answer Apps for Android with us via comments below.


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