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Your iPad is small, convenient, and easy to take with you just about anywhere. You can use it to take videos and pictures, play games, listen to music, watch movies, and access the Internet.

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However, the iPad has a lot of features you may be unaware of that you can access without purchasing additional apps or accessories. Below is a short list of some things you can do with your iPad that you may not currently be taking advantage of.

Split the Keyboard and Access Hidden Keys

Often, pulling up the keyboard on your iPad blocks too much of your screen, making it difficult to see pertinent information while you are typing. As a solution to this problem, your iPad gives you the option of splitting your keyboard in half, leaving the center portion of your screen easy to access.

Once you split your keyboard you also have access to some hidden keys that you can use to type without taking up your valuable screen space. As with anything new, using your split screen may take some time to get accustomed to, but before you know it, using this feature will be second nature.

Access iTunes Remotely

If you have an iTunes music library you would like to access on your iPad, there’s no need to take the time to upload all your music to your iPad directly. You can turn on the “Home Sharing” network on your Mac and in your iTunes account.

Then you can remotely access any music you want to play that you have stored in your iTunes library. Though you only have this access while connected to the same network, it still is easy and convenient.

Save Your Screen as an Image

There are many times when you are surfing the web that you come across a page you would like to quickly and easily reference later, or send to someone else as an image instead of a link. To save your screen as an image in your photo library you can hold down the “Home” and “Sleep” buttons at the same time.

After a few seconds your screen will flash white and you will hear a shutter sound as if the camera has taken a photo. An image of the screen will have been automatically placed into your iPad’s photo library.

Quickly Access Recently Used Apps

One of the many shortcuts the iPad makes available to its users is through access to recently used apps without returning to the multi-tasking bar. Users can use a four-fingered swipe from left to right across their screen and the iPad will instantly scroll between the most recently used applications. While this may not seem like it saves that much time, it allows users to easily go back and forth from one app to another.

Use It as a Remote Control

If the number of remote controls you have in your home gets to be difficult to manage you can download a free app to turn your iPad into a multimedia remote. Any devices that you would like to control from your iPad need to be set up to the same Wi-Fi network. This allows you to play music and videos and even control your Apple TV from your iPad.

With each new version of the iPad, its features and functions become more and more intuitive and user-friendly—and the plethora of free and paid apps you can download can turn your iPad into a multi-functioning device that can be used in many areas throughout your life.


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