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Initially, when iPhone was launched in 2007 it was being considered as the best Smartphone but as time passed various competitors of Apple started emerging in the market.


Samsung, Sony Ericson, HTC, Blackberry etc have launched various and much better versions of iPhone. iPhone has missed out on a couple of things. Let’s take a look as to why people are drifting away from iPhone.

1. Memory issues

It is not possible to upgrade iPhone’s memory. You have 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory available. If you love to download music and other content, you’ll quickly run out of space. Nothing could be more annoying than while trying to download content you have to stop in the middle because you are running low on memory. This is an area Apple missed on. Having the option of memory cards would have proved to be a better idea.

2. Non-replaceable battery

Forget better, the battery life of iPhone isn’t even good enough to be compared to other Android phones. Many iPhone users are unhappy with the fact that their iPhone’s battery cannot be removed. The overall consensus with the current owners is that they were not warned about the battery situation.

If you shell out plenty of money on your expensive iPhone and its battery dies in about 6 months, you are going to be pretty upset. Perhaps Apple would have been better off with making money on battery replacements and this would have kept the users happier. Short battery is amongst the most problematic thing users faced.

3. Attitude of Devotion

People have made their mindset that if the product is quite expensive and designed by Apple it has to be good. But this is actually not true. Most of the people have over hyped iPhone in the recent years so much that even after noticing its drawbacks, they don’t want to accept it flaws.

They always stand in favor of iPhone whenever there is a comparison being made between iPhone and others. This attitude of people, the non-iPhone lovers hate the most.

4. No good for Business People

iPhone, though, is good as a means of entertainment but it surely doesn’t fulfill the criteria of a business phone. Its other competitors like Blackberry and Samsung are better quipped and are the priority among people when it comes to business phones.

It neither supports documentation exchange nor has datasheet download and upload feature, thus making it difficult and useless for business class people to opt for it.

5. Paid updates

Apple is known for its terrible updates. Very often you can see one or the other updates for a particular app waiting in your app store to be updated. These updates normally have to do with minimal changes in the app but they charge a substantial amount for it.

Buying an expensive phone and then paying heavily for updating of the apps is definitely not a good option. After some time, your so called smart phone fails in the attempt of being smart and becomes outdated since a lot of updates could not be performed. So you better be smart in not choosing an iPhone.

6. Switching over from Windows to Mac

Windows and Mac totally work differently. People have been using Windows since ages and switching over to Mac can be very difficult experience for Windows users. That’s the reason most mobile users refrain from switching over to iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone has some unique features too as compared to other mobile phones. But before planning to buy any iPhone model, the above points have to be taken into consideration.

Since iPhone is quite expensive and the above problems areas cannot be ignored, buying an iPhone is really not a good idea if you are looking for a smart phone with cost effectiveness, ease of multitasking and good battery backup.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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