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Android vs. Apple’s iOS is a long debate. This keeps on progressing discussing and comparing various aspects of the two. But looking beyond the debate and argument of which operating system is better than the other, there are certain interesting things, which keep on coming in the market.


The new version of iOS better known as iOS7 has recently hit the market, with all together a new look and feel along with a number of features in the operating system. You could have seen a couple of your friends flaunting their new iPhone devices having iOS 7 and could be boasting about this new version from Apple and call it superior to your Android based devices.

However, such people may not know the fact that even with your old Android based phones; you can convert the interface of your Android phone similar to iPhone with iOS 7. There are couples of applications (SS launcher or buzz launcher), which can help you in doing this.

This is only possible because Android is an open based OS and hence very much flexible in nature. You can therefore customize the number of apps and its software especially the UI of your Android based phones.

Let’s check how using the particular application, you can make your Android based phones into iOS 7 as under:

Getting started

In order to convert your Android based phones look like iPhone, the very first thing you need is the particular application for the same. There are two apps for the same, one is SS Launcher and second is Buzz Launcher, using any of these can do the needful.

All you need to do is to visit the home page and then move on to the Launcher settings. Now go to desktop and then move on to the desktop grid in order to choose the settings as 10 by 10 as this is considered as one of best ways of doing this. You are then supposed to set the margins as per the device.

Check the settings

Now, in this step, you need to go at the settings and simply add the desired screens. Then you are supposed to go over the settings and choose the right screen images, which you are keen to have like wallpaper over your Android based device.

Now check the resolution you are keen to have to complete the basic step. After this you are supposed to choose several pages including the application or calendar page. This simply means that once you glance over the interface it would give the same kind of feel unlike that of iOS 7.

The other thing that you are supposed to keep in mind is the type of transition, which is very much vital. The entire effect would make things smooth and hassle free.

Check the UCCW and Zooper Widget

For this you are supposed to visit the home screen followed by going over the UCCW widgets. Just keep in mind that the signal icons found over the screen are very much visual in nature. This will enable you place the things whatever you want.

But if you are keen to see these icons very much functional then you need to head to the Zooper Widget followed by checking its common control and making the required changes.

Also, keep in mind to carry out a couple of changes for the other widgets too wherein you are supposed to check the tab screen, background color and several other things. In fact, you can find a number of other widgets, which could be changed accordingly.

Placing the icons

For this you need to move over the application page. But before that keep in mind that if you do not see any physical icons there and simply a wall paper at the back, you can still get these icons.

All you need to do is to move on the home page and add up different applications, which you want to make it visible over the app page of your Android based phones.

Just get the blank icons and place these back to the screen but only thing to keep in mind while doing the same is to resize the icons so that it can look cool.

For the lock screen

For this, you are supposed to visit the setting page of ‘Look and Feel’ wherein you are supposed to carry out the required modifications. Now find out the relevant wall paper, which can give you some of the best kind of look and feel as per your phone appearance.

From the custom slider you are supposed to collect the themes. Also, you have the option of customizing the unlock icon and place it with any kind of look and feel you would want. You can also download the app- iOS 7 lockscreen to get complete iOS 7 feel.

Using Mycolorscreen

Another simple way to make your android OS looks like iOS 7 is to install the themer beta app from Mycolorscreen and Download the iOS 7 theme from the app. That’s it.

Final words

All these steps may appear to you very much lengthy, however, when you carry out the same you end up getting some of the best outputs. If you successfully transform your Android phone into iOS 7 based interface, people would hardly make out the difference. That’s the power of such application, which helps in changing your world.


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