10 Killer Secret Features of iOS 8

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The present market of iPhones is taking a new trend. If you are using iOS 7 for your iPhone, then this is the right time to upgrade it to the latest version of Apple’s new iOS 8. Good news for its users that now they can download iOS 8. Though, it looks same as iOS 7, but there are some secrets features in it, which will impress you by its functioning.


As we all know, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been pre-ordered more than 4 Million in just 4 days. The release of iOS 8 will switch the appearance of the iPhone in a different fashion. Here are some secret features of iOS 8.

Secret Features of iOS 8

Hide Photos

This is the coolest option in iOS 8, now you can hide your personal photos or other photos which you are not to be displayed in your albums. Don’t panic, now you have an option to hide those photos with the hidden option which is on the top of the screen by tapping the selected photo. The photos that you’ve been hided, those are not going to appear anywhere else in the phone.

Find my iPhone

This is the smartest feature of the iPhone, if you have your iPhone or iPad; iCloud gives the exact location of your missing iPhone, if the battery is drained out. If you request a device location, with iPhone App and iCloud, that Apple user ping the device and displays the location of your device. Only the iCloud carries the information just for only 24 hours, once the device has moved offline.

Scan Credit Numbers

Scanning Credit Card numbers is the best feature used for online shopping. If you don’t want to mess with typing the credit card number every time you order anything online. Now, you have an option to snap a photo of your credit card, rest of the work will be done by the iPhone itself.

Battery Use

Well using an iPhone feels better, but when your battery drained out, it imbibes. Almost all Apps will run at a time, now you can see the battery, use of each App in the settings, so that you can stop the unwanted Apps to use the battery

Camera Exposure

With this feature you can choose darken or brighten the exposure yourself, you need to just drag the sun icon next to focus square and adjust the exposure. This feature is already exists in all iPhone, but using in iOS8 feels much better than others


You can use Continuity but you have to install the Yosemite OS X 10.10. if you get a call while you are using your MacBook, you will get an option to answer the call in your MacBook or if you are editing a document on your iPhone, it will automatically appear in your MacBook when you get to Office.

Hey Siri

This is one of the coolest options in iOS 8. Hey Siri will be so helpful to iPhone users when you are driving. You have to just say Hey Siri right next to the mike, and this will control the phone whatever you instruct like to make a call, listen to selected songs.


Now you can give instant replies or emails with notification center, which is very much improved. Just swiping to the left side, you can interact with notifications.

Search Popular websites

If you explored the popular websites like Apple, Amazon etc. The Quick Website Search which is Safari settings will remember the sites you’ve looked for. If you again run the Safari search, it will directly finds the website that you have searched instantly.

Family Sharing

Apple provides family sharing option to the multi-device holders of the iPhone in the same family. They’ve put some age limitations on Apple ID’s. Now you can easily make an ID for the children aged fewer than 13 linking it to the adult. The only thing you have to enable the family sharing option. If your child goes to buy any Apple product in store, it gives the approval message to you.


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