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Here is the list of Apps for Xperia Z. Mobile Market is full of apps, every day news and innovative apps are getting registered to the app stores. Sony as a leading Smartphone manufacture in the market has always opted for introducing best apps for its privileged customers. Latest Sony released Sony Xperia Z has proved to be great success for SONY, because of unique interface and design.

Xperia Z

Best Apps for Xperia Z

There are lots of apps are available in Android market which can be used with Sony Xperia Z, but some apps are considered as best apps to be used with SONY Xperia Z. In this article we have shortlisted best 10 Apps for Xperia Z.

1. Lemmings

One of the great things about the Xperia Z, as it has been PlayStation Certified. Due to its registered certification at Sony, this means that the phone comes with access to official Sony PlayStation.

While this is not as good as the official Google Play App Store stocked when it comes to gaming options, there are some good reasons for worrying Burn it up with a bunch of great exclusive titles available including all-time puzzle search game Lemmings. It is also free to download and play, unlock for a small fee on the harder levels, when you actually do it.

2. Skype

The Xperia Z comes with a second front camera that records video at a resolution of 2 megapixels, making it ideal for people who feel comfortable enough to get involved with how your face looks in video chats.

And when it comes to faces unifying the world through digital waves, Skype is the winner by a mile. If you want external calls to landline will cost you, but install it and use it as text and video chat system is completely free. It is cross-platform, meaning you can socialize with the owners of the iPhone, if you do not like about all of them with arguments phone.

3. IheartRadio

No need to connect your phone with a flock of music that does it all? Well, not you, not now, because we bring you iHeartRadio, one of the new age and modern radio that allows you to stream music files on your phone and search for various stations according to their favorite artists.

Although you may feel that is very similar to Pandora, but goes a step further and offers significantly improved the flexibility to develop by users on their existing list of favorite radio stations.

On the other hand, you can use it in your Wi-Fi network, otherwise it will burn your data plan monthly internet.

4. ScreenRotate Small App

Sony Xperia latest models come with support for your own little software called Small Apps. These exclusive small appliances allow Sony and other developers around for users to add additional functionality to the phone via small overlays that appear in the menu multitasking phone, a fast and easy way to access additional applications and tools floating.

This is incredibly easy, providing a button to stop rotating the screen – ideal if you are lounging about watching movies and even if you do not want to worry about changing screen orientation position.

5. BBC iPlayer

The Xperia Z and its 1080p screen are ideal to hide in bed all day watching daytime TV so you have the BBC iPlayer application for striking as soon as possible. This App user interface represents quality app development. The only feature that is not the ability to download programs for mobile phone to watch offline, which led to some complaints and aggressive bad reviews, but beyond all that you say.

Live channels, catch-up the last salary, radio and more, all presented in a well-designed application. And it is free from dependence deceased Adobe Flash Player also works as standalone, without fanfare by BBC Media Plug-in.

6. TVCatchup

For parts of the TV spectrum is not covered by iPlayer TVCatchup there. This smart tool is basically a kind of relay live terrestrial television DVB-T encodes it into a mobile-friendly feed, so you do. Live TV on your phone with mobile data or Wi-Fi

That’s all it does, but for an application of a trick, a trick is very impressive. The maker application currently fighting legal claims of some TV commercial providers who are not too happy about it again increases your content so that they while it is still available.

7. MX Player

If you prefer to go the official route and play thousands of gigabytes of files ripped movies on your phone, try this.

MX Player adds support for a wide range of video codecs with the phone and is particularly beneficial for those who fall through unofficial channels, the media is reading your subtitle files to enjoy foreign films “art” and the time is keep the volume low demands secrecy.

8. Super Hexagon

A game otherwise stunning Super Hexagon is still fascinating and amazing in HD display and class to the screen of your Sony Xperia Z. The game is very simple, you have to keep spinning an arrow in the gaps and try to escape the walls closing in on them. And although it seems simple, we assure you it is not. Discover this one of the most addictive games on the Sony Z HD screen.

9. BBC News

In a nod to the screen resolutions increasing HD phones like Xperia Z offered, the BBC recently pushed an update to its news app optimized. Designed for use in 2013 new wave of 1080p-capable hardware. This means that you will have a smooth interface; grid-like packed with the latest news from BBC, with side swiping simple updates to turn the category that floats your boat information.

There is also a little “cell” really cool widget contain now you can peruse the headlines on a Android home screen.

10. Endomodo Pro

The King of application outdoors. If it moves Endomondo can follow – and a detailed analysis of exactly how fast it was and where to move them. The application uses the waterproof Xperia Z function to get a GPS lock in your position before pursuing his vision, cycling, kayaking expedition or boring old walk, with the following details of your workouts a little social networking spam, like a ride strenuous bike in rough terrain is almost certainly something you want to tell people.

If they care or not. Worth paying for the Pro version, as this gives you a better division of assigning your trip, including altitude levels as high road show ran or climbed.

Do you know more Apps for Xperia Z? Share with us via comments below.


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