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Have you ever taken a deeper look into mobile phone action and addictions, how many mobile phones are being used worldwide, which destinations are overloaded with demand for mobile phones, how people interact on mobile phones and the type of addictions that can be caused from extensive use?

In a mobile interactive infographic by Dialtosave who are a provider of cheap international calls they take a look at mobile phone addiction and analyses how addicted are you.

The use of mobile phones worldwide is on the rise and the demand for the latest technological smartphones is at a peak, so much so that brands are in competition on a daily basis and some are even taking each other to court, like the Apple versus Samsung trial which is on-going over the patent infringement disputes.

However, when these disputes are not occurring phone brands are producing the latest gadgets that the consumers want and that consume their lives with the latest access to information, data and entertainment. Across the world, destinations are in fierce competition with one another for the latest gadgets.

China, out of the top 24 ranking destinations owns 1,150,000,000 mobile phones and has a population of 1,349,585,838; an outstanding number. This destination on the map is always up to date with the latest technology and advance further quickly with the investment into this.

So, what do people do with all these mobiles in use? There are different kinds of people who are addicted to their mobiles or cell phones, from the tech obsessed, to the mobile addicted, to the professional to the parent and the multi-tasker day and night.

All these people connect through technology as you shall see in the Dialtosave Inside Mobile Phone Addiction interactive infographic. One thing to remember, is with any phone use always protect yourself and your phone. Safeguarding your phone and restricting app access can prevent personal information being leaked and when surfing the internet abroad remember the roaming charges, every little bit of addicted data use will add up and could cause an enormous bill on your return.

Phones tend to gain faults every now and again but when it comes to battery use you can implement some changes to increase its strength.


Communication Has Changed

In the world we live in today, social interaction is at the forefront of communication. How many people do you know that are hooked on mobile access to Facebook, Twitter and emails. Around the world people connect through these social streams by the second and are addicted to looking at updates which can cause some major health problems.

Some of the problems that arise are looked at in the interactive mobile infographic and it is good to become familiar with the symptoms and causes of smartphone addiction. Repeated headaches, extreme fatigue and the development of Asthenopia could mean you are becoming too addicted to your phone.

It is great to make use of new technology and mobile smartphones as it can help run a lifestyle better but you must always be cautious of how much time is spent on this. Think about the primary use of a phone, it was designed for calling and then came texting, internet and smartphone technology, but has calling been lost in its primary use?

As you will see in the infographic, mobile calling is still in action but not as much as smartphone use. Take a look at the top destinations at Dialtosave and analyse the statistics on the length of calls; interesting how people operate worldwide. You can even learn some foreign greetings in this interactive, so when it’s 6pm in Spain why not say “Buenas Tardes” meaning Good Afternoon!


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