3 Accessories to Toddler-Proof Your iPhone X

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You purchased an iPhone X. Your toddler wants it in his hands. You spent a good amount of money for it. They could go rogue and break the screen, drop it on its back, etc. But. You still want to hand it over for the following reasons:

  • Someone told you it’s an incredibly useful device for distracting a squirming child or calming a screaming baby.
  • You love your kids.

Okay, so what are you supposed to do? Live with the fear that your iPhone’s glass back or screen could shatter?


Fortunately: You can secure your iPhone 3 from common toddler-related mishaps like teething, drools and falls by placing it inside a sturdy accessory that is attractive to your little one and useful to you! Listed below are the x best iPhone X accessories that you will love.

1. Case

The iPhone X is beautiful, no doubt about its aesthetic appeal, so it doesn’t make sense to put it inside a case. But that’s what a parent has to do for protection against sudden acts of chocolate fingers or bursts of gravity. Fortunately, modern Apple iPhone X cases offer style and protection simultaneously.

Models have been created to accentuate the iPhone X’s design and offer slim, lightweight protection (which should make the device fit in those little hands, slightly reducing the possibility of a drop). Also, some cases come with a protective bezel that goes beyond the screen to offer an added defense to the front of the device.

Also, most iPhone X cases come in multiple colors, so you can choose the one to match your style statement (let’s say something that matches the color of your wallet/handbag).

2. Screen Protector

If you’ve ever had to go through the process of screen replacement for an iPhone, you know you have to shell out a lot more than what a screen protector would cost. No protector would save the device from cracking if it falls to the ground, but a screen protector acts as a physical barrier between the iPhone X’s screen and everything else a toddler may throw at it (baby food, liquids, etc.). More durable screens have come along with each new model of an iPhone, but a screen protector is an extra (cheap insurance policy).

Some options like the ones sold by OMOTON are offered in a twin pack, so you can either keep a spare as a backup in case the screen breaks down in the line or duty or split the cost with a friend who has toddlers in his/her house.

3. Grip

Till this point, you’ve read about protection against gravity and unsupervised use. How about if you could outsmart them? We’re big fans of accessories that make it convenient to hold, operate and use a smartphone. For instance, the Ninja Loop is a sturdy strap that fits any case.

It costs a mere $5 and makes it easy to hold an iPhone, without adding bulk. Also, it doesn’t distort wireless charging. In addition, you can check out PopSockets, which are self-adhesive discs (made of plastic) that offer a two-finger grip by popping out as well as a stand, which is a welcome addition in most instances.

Whichever accessory you pick, it is less likely to cost less than a $279 screen repair, especially if your toddler manages to break the screen thrice in a year (it happens).


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