Effective SEO Tips To Promote Your Business Via Pinterest

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In the recent years, the use of social networking sites has increased to a great deal. These sites have also proved to be useful for the business organizations in spreading their business and enhancing their customer base easily.


In addition to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there is one more social media site, which has become greatly popular among the businesses. This site is Pinterest which is greatly used as an SEO tool for reaching the potential customers. If you are not yet aware of this website, you should try to get familiar with it, as it can prove to be very beneficial in promoting your brand.

This article will help you in getting access to some outstanding SEO tips which will prove to be effective in promoting your business via Pinterest.

1. Create a profile with appealing board titles

The first thing that you need to do is to create a profile in the name of your brand. In order to use this site in a better manner, you should have an understanding of how it works. Basically, the site works on adding pins which are generally added in the form of images. These images can be added under different boards. So, you can create different boards and suggest an attractive title that beautifully describes the offerings under that section.

It would be preferable that you use keywords related to your business and offerings so that you can be easily searched by the interested customers. By doing so, the businesses can easily attract potential customers and promote their business.

2. Link your Pinterest page with your official website

While creating your Pinterest profile, you can link it to your official website or blog of the company so as to direct the customers and generate traffic. By doing do, you can easily promote your offerings among the customers and get a positive feedback.

3. Add catchy images and keyword rich captions

Pinterest is all about adding pins. If you wish to promote your brand you need to be an active member and keep adding the pins in your profile. Apart from adding attractive images, it is also essential to add keyword rich captions to those images. This makes you search engine friendly and the customers can easily find you while making searches using the keyword.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are search engine friendly and using them while adding pins and in description will be an effective way of increasing your search engine visibility. This will also allow the viewers to share your post across different platforms and among their friend circle on different social networking sites.

There are several companies who are still not aware of the benefits of creating an account on Pinterest but those who are keen towards enhancing their business surely look forward to create one.

5. Earn followers

Just creating pins is not going to help you in the long run. You need to create a network on the site itself. For this, you can get connected to the profiles sharing same interest. This might diversify your audience and you can easily get more followers added to your profile which can later be converted into potential customers.

6. Keep sharing and liking

If you like something, do not hesitate to like or share. By sharing other pins and liking them you can also invite others to visit your profile and have a look at your offerings.  The increasing number of followers enhances your exposure and makes you visible to more customers.

7. Use SEO text and links

The businesses can add keyword optimized text to their pins so as to make it search engine friendly. Apart from this, adding links to the description can also prove to be fruitful in directing the viewers towards your official website. This is a great way of boosting traffic and occupying the top most position in the search engine ranking.

Obtaining a top position on search engines is not an easy job. It requires patience, dedication and skills. If you wish to grow and gain brand recognition all round the globe, you need to understand the importance of SEO and follow some effective tips. Using Pinterest for this can be fruitful in achieving your goals in an easy manner and in a comparatively short time frame.


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