Apple Announces the New iPad, New Apple TV, iOS 5.1 [Summary]

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On Wednesday, Apple finally revealed the new iPad, and a new Apple TV. After moments of talk about Apple sales (172 million devices “Post PC” sold). In addition, apple team also announced IOS 5.1 and it’s available for download.

The new iPad

This new iPad, as expected, has the Retina Display with 2046×1536 pixels, 9.7 inches. This means that the text and pictures will be sharper. At a regular distance , individual pixels are almost imperceptible this resolution is, in fact, offer more than most TVs (1920 × 1080), and approaches that we see on monitors 27 “(2560 × 1440).

To operate this display, you need better hardware, and it was presented to A5X chip with quad-core graphics , according to figures from Apple that offers 4 times the performance of a Tegra 3 (and twice as an iPad 2 ).

Another important feature was the new 5 megapixel camera for the new iPad. This camera lens borrows from the iPhone 4S (which takes excellent photos) and brings it to the tablet. The iPad 2 cameras were terrible – only good for video calls – and something that has finally been corrected with this new release. In addition to 5-megapixel photos, you can now record videos in 1080p, which also has shown stabilization system on the iPhone 4S.

They also mentioned some of the success of the iPhone data so far, as:

  • 15.4 million cases sold during Q4 2011, showing that they have sold more PCs Cases
  • 200.000 applications created for the iPhone

The interesting thing about the presentation, the approach to the software. Sure, we saw the features (we will mention at a time), but the emphasis on quantity and quality of software, was quite large. Another interesting? The iPad is now joining the Macbooks and loses the numbers in name.

Now it becomes possible to perform voice dictation on the new iPad, now they have included a small button on the keyboard, allowing us to speak to the iPad and then it recognizes and converts it into text.  The supported languages are: English, French, German and Japanese.

The new iPhone 4G technology is used for wireless connections with support for LTE and HSPA+ , which gives up to 72 Mbps (LTE) and 42 Mbps (HSDPA +).

The New iPad Prices:

  • $ 499 to 16 GB
  • $ 599 to 32 GB
  • $ 699 to 64 GB
  • $ 629 to 16 GB 4G
  • $ 729 to 32 GB 4G
  • $ 829 to 64 GB 4G

The iPad will be available starting from March 16 in 10 countries, with more countries receiving it on 23 March. The iPhone 2 will remain on the market, for $399 (16 GB model).

In addition to showing multiple new games that leverage the Retina Display, it showed updates to GarageBand, iLife and iWork. Now it is possible in Garageband, sync 4 devices simultaneously to create music, increasing the potential of the app considerably. In addition, we have updates for iWork, iLife in IOS, all free.

Apple TV

The new Apple TV features 1080p resolution ( previous model was 720p). It also has a new interface, which is closer to IOS, including features like CoverFlow, similar icons.

The Apple TV will be available on March 16, for the same price: $ 99. Along with the launch of Apple TV, now we have access to movies through icloud. This means that the purchases that we make movies stored on the cloud, and then download them to different devices.

iPhoto for iPad

In addition to updates to existing applications, Apple also announced iPhoto for iPad. Like the Mac, this is a simple manager / photo editor, that brings editing images multi touch, photo effects, brushes, and more. Common tasks like regular white balance, crop photos, is enabled. And iPhoto has support for up to 19 megapixel images.

The price of the application is only $4.99.


What was clear with the new iPad, is that they are projecting, indeed, as a true replacement for laptops and PCs With applications like iMovie, allowing us to shoot, edit and view videos directly on the device, allowing us to manage iPhoto images taken on the same iPhone 4S or iPhone, add effects and share. iWorks is available since last year, and updates the increasingly resemble its counterpart on the Mac And of course, as a gaming device with the new GPU, and the 200,000 applications available, this was the message left today.

So what do you think about the new iPad announcement from the Apple, share your views with us.


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