7 Fantastic Ways to Generate Targeted Twitter Followers for Your Business!

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There are absolutely no businesses, either big or small in size, which do not have a professional social media account for their company. Having a Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn page has become of utmost importance for conducting marketing activities.


Importance of Social Media

The way social media is gaining popularity in the corporate world is phenomenal to see. As number of likes matter in Facebook account and +1s in Google+, similarly number of followers is important for a Twitter page. The more the number of followers, the greater will be the reach of your business.

With the help of social media, companies cannot only maximize their social media traffic but also achieve good rankings in search engines. Search engines keep changing their ranking algorithm and now social media popularity and presence is given a lot of weight for good ranking.

Some people make use of tools like Twiends, Add me fast, and Link colidor for increasing their number of followers. With the help of these tools, you may be able to achieve good numbers but those won’t be genuine.

Following 7 ways will help you generate more targeted twitter followers for your business:

1. Active participation in popular related forums and groups

You can find many groups and forums where topics of similar interests are discussed. Just joining such groups won’t help you much. You need to regularly participate and initiate interesting discussions and topics. Here, you have the option to leave your links in the signature column. This will give more publicity to you page.

2. Increase the number of tweets

Tweeting once in a while will not get your page to be noticed. For getting maximum attention, you will have to make efforts. Tweet regularly with informative material. Regular tweets will engage your audience and your popularity will also increase. For people who have really busy schedules, they can take the help of tools that support scheduling tweets.

3. Promote your twitter page in other social networking sites

You can leverage your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ followers by sharing your Twitter profile with them. You should request them to follow you on Twitter as well if they have not. In fact, you can ask them to share your link with their circle as well.

4. Follow big shots

By following famous personalities and brands that relate to you or your business, you can build your followers. This is a very smart technique to come in the vision of people. It will work even better if your tweets are related and complimentary to those famous names’ tweets.

So, smartly design your tweets to grab good attention. By doing this, you can even ensure that your page gets honest and genuine followers.

5. Never over promote your business

Many businesses just keep on tweeting about their products, services and offers. This is a blunder that must be avoided. In order to gain popularity and become famous amongst your target audience, you need to build trust first. Social media is all about relationships and connections.

If you keep blabbering and boasting about yourself, people will not like it. Provide them with good information apart from what you have to offer-information about related things and current affairs. This way, people will feel like reading your tweets regularly without getting bored.


Retweets carry a lot of importance; so, making a humble request to your followers to retweet your posts can help you in gaining additionalpopularity, and deriving greater benefits.

7. Multi-media tweet

Using pictures, graphics, and logosin your tweets can be very effective. The impact of messages conveyed with the help of pictures is much more than just words.

So, keep these 7 crucial aspects into consideration while trying to generate more Twitter followers, and promote your business on social media.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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