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PayPal is one of the most well known services for merchants and small business owners who need to move credit card payments for their services over the internet. But there are other companies in competition, who offer an array of services that could benefit your business.


Founded in 2003 and based in Tucson, Arizona, this company hopes to serve customers who are junkies for a good deal on the internet. It is a tailor made choice for small merchants who want to sell their products via download from their personal website. One attractive component of this service: no fees for set up, transaction, or bandwidth. They offer the ability to post one product on multiple sites (your blog, E-Bay, and Craigslist, for example).


Advertising itself as a transactional platform, this company partners with major retailers to provide in-cart promotions to users. For instance, if you put a product in your virtual cart, the website will offer you information on similar items, or services of interest. Most of these are provided at special discounted rates, or with free trials. boasts services in twelve languages, with retail partners such as Netflix, Sony, GAP, and Groupon. This California based company prides itself on being a quick and easy way to buy and sell low priced and digital based products.


A simple way to send or receive money online, this company allows you to fund your account via your bank or pay with a credit card. Transactions are posted automatically, both for the sender and receiver. also offers features that can be used for invoicing , exchanging currencies, or paying employee salaries. In business since 2004, this company focuses on the buyer/seller functions rather than advertising or add on promotion.


This company strives to provide access for small to middle sized companies that need to receive credit card payment from their customers. Marketing, compliance, and fraud prevention fall under the umbrella of their services. offers services for non-profit companies, hosted billing, and easy to set up recurrent payments, which sets them apart from many of their competitors. Founded in 2000, the company’s home base is located in Ohio.


A platform for developing business structures, purports to do more than facilitate merchant/customer transactions over the web. They also provide marketing management programs to help small businesses diversify and expand into global markets.

Founded in 1994, this company handles more than $3 billion in sales per year. They maintain offices in the United States, Britain, China, Brazil and Japan.

With so many companies available to assist online merchants with their finances, there is no need to feel tied down to one. Decide what you need and want most in a financial service, and make sure that you’re using the service that provides the most for your patronage. So do you know more paypal alternatives, if yes then lets share them via your comments.


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