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Waatp.com is an online people search service which provides access to aggregated data from open sources such as social networks, web search engines and even offline sources. And with help of this so the user can get all public information instantly and at one place. The information which provides by WAATP may include biography, photos, physical address, blog entries, news, related weblinks and other kind of information about requested person.

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WAATP works with data providers who supply original and non-sensitive information about individuals from public sources. Information that is provided willingly by individuals, state and federal agencies, post offices, courthouses, telephone companies and other organizations. Information that you can obtain with minimal efforts is stored here. We simply fasten the process by organizing and collating the information in a useful format.

I recently came across this real time search engine for people. You have to just visit the site and you need to  supply the name and surname of  person that you want to get information about, you can also name of any person  who is popular or the name of an individual that has come into your life. Once you entered the  above information about the person then the results will be provided instantly.

Matches of the person which you have searched for will be displayed as markers over an interactive map of the US, and upon clicking on any of them you will get to know more about that person. WAATP search engine uses names, background checks, yellow pages, public records and social networking sites to instantaneously provide relevant and most up-to-date information about anyone. Whether looking for a home or business address, phone number, or email this free people search tool provides comprehensive information, at the click of a mouse.

You can also add yourself to the WAATP database by using the “Add Yourself” button. So others who will search by your name will come across this helpful information.


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