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Three questions: Do you live in and around Guildford, UK? Can you spare a whole day for an event you very much crave for? Are you a hardcore Pokemon Fan?

If the answers to the above three questions are ‘yes’, then you would be glad to know that Nintendo has published news of carrying out Pokemon Adventure Tour Events in not just Guildford, but four other places across United Kingdom.


The gaming tycoon has announced its list of events that are to be held in several outdoor events this summer, starting from July 11 in Magic Summer Live Festival, at Guildford.

After completing four other events across the country, the Pokemon Adventure tour will be brought to an end in 1st September at Dorset’s Bournemouth Air Festival. The whole theme of the events isbasically divided into 3 zones, Battling, Gaming and the Fun zone.

Nintendo offers its customers the opportunity to showcase their talent in its Pokemon Battle zone; where you would be either going against an expert or other pokemon fans. Win and claim your prize, it’s as simple as it gets. All you got to do is bring your own Pokemon White 2 or Pokemon Black 2 along with your Nintendo 3Ds, DS or DSi.Visitors can also trade with others if it pleases them. This sets the perfect platform for making new friends who share your interests.

Apart from having provisions for supporting players of generation V main series, the battle zone will also conduct trail runs in its Pokemon Game Zone where people can play certain selective games like of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Super Pokemon Rumble and Pokemon Conquest. And not just that, players can also make use of the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansions, Typing Adventure and Dream Radar. All this comes under the Nintendo’s “Learn with Pokemon” Banner.

Finally, the pokemon Fun Zone presents features like face painting, photo opportunity and other gaming activities. Fans and pokemon lovers can have their favourite pokemon character painted on their faces. Nintendo has recruited professional painters for this very own purpose. Apart from that, players can click and share a photo along with Pikachu and several other prominent pokemon characters.

Last but not the least; organizers have placed grabber machines so that fans may try their luck to get hold of a flush toy. This way, Nintendo provides its satisfied customer the pleasure of not going back home empty handed.

If you are a Stranger to the pokemon world butotherwise fascinated by its vast attraction, then you have come to the right place. Because all the Pokemon Adventure Tour Events have training centres along with trainers who can teach you everything there is to learn about these Cartoon Characters.

This is one of the various Nintendo’s initiatives to teach the newcomers about the success of this popular TV Show. Apart from that, upcoming fans and players are provided with the opportunity to take a master class and become an expert on the means and techniques to win any pokemon battle.

And the icing on top of the cake is the viewing lounges where fans can comfortably sit and watch various broadcasted episodes of the Pokemon TV show. All in all, the event promises to offer a full day of enjoyment in the outdoors; whether you chose to spend it with your family or your own battle clan.

The upcoming Pokemon Adventure Tour events after a successful hit in Guildford will be at:-

  • 2-4 August: The Gateshead Metrocentre
  • 8-11 August: The Bristol Balloon Fiesta
  • 22-23 August: The Clacton Air-show &
  • 29 August-1 September: The Bournemouth Air Festival

Pokemon fans can watch out for the next new release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y in the second week of October. Furthermore, the company will launch pokemon inspired handheld consoles on the same date.


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