Three Effective SEO Tips New Marketers Must Nail

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While search engine optimization services help paying clients facilitate online visibility, some proactive clients take action themselves, applying helpful (and free) enhancements toward marketing notions.  SEO, or search engine optimization, encompasses an array of technical and creative endeavors, seeking to raise awareness, site traffic, and ultimate conversions for clients.

SEO Tips

Effective SEO Tips

Let’s focus on the principles of raising awareness, driving traffic, and making conversions, considering the following free-of-charge insights that help new and experienced SEOs daily and ongoing.


Raising Awareness

Search optimization starts with raising awareness about a brand.  Let’s assume we sell t-shirts.  Competing for such a broad term is nearly impossible for a young brand.  However, any brand can instantly start a social media profile, using Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and an array of others.

Choose one platform (at first), devoting several hours or more per week toward engaging people within your customer market.  Understand what kinds of conversations they have, what content they share, and their attitude toward building an online relationship with brands (especially yours).

Social media participation raises awareness about your brand within your intended market. Furthermore, the enterprise strengthens your understanding of the market through observing and ‘listening’ to needs, interests, and feelings related to consumption and buying.


Driving Traffic

There’s a difference between a web ‘impression’ and ‘click through.’  The former means pages were served as results for consumer queries, which is good.  The latter scenario means a web browser clicked on your offered result, which is better.  Sometimes, though a particular URL receives great impression rates, clicks don’t occur; because, consumers aren’t impressed by offered copy.

Meta tags describe an impending page’s information to web browsers via snippets of information .  The best meta descriptions entice and inform.  Paying better attention to meta descriptions, attempting to simultaneously intrigue and educate customers, is an oft forget but free way to optimize a brand’s digital presence.


Making Conversions

In the first section, we thought about raising awareness about brands and services.  In the next, we considered facilitating a better click-through rate, increasing attention toward meta descriptions.

Now, let’s assume we have customers on our web page.  We want them to sign-up for a newsletter, download a whitepaper, buy a pair of shoes, or whatever desired and particularly defined conversion you seek.  A/B testing helps brands engineer better conversion rates.

Free A/B tools exist, yet testing can be done in-house by simply noting the difference in conversion rates from one version of a layout toward another.  For example, particular tests prove conversions are higher when calls to action are placed on the right rather than left-hand side of a screen.

Exceptions do exist; what if your customers convert when your products are placed on the left of the screen?  You wouldn’t know until you test.

The above are effective and free ways to enhance a brand’s web presence.  Raising awareness with social media, ensuring offered engine results are interesting and informative, and improving on-page conversion rates are sought goals of brands large and small.  One does not have to pay a lot for SEO; a brand does have to be a lot more dedicated and creative than the rest.

Get started with the above SEO Tips.


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