8 Outstanding Android Apps for Students & Learners

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Here are 8 outstanding Android Apps for Students. We are living in the age of modern technologies, where we are mainly dependent upon software products & digital devices. With the advent of Internet education, acquiring knowledge is no more limited to the enclosed classrooms.


Today web can be easily accessed over different devices, to add comfort to the computing users. Handheld devices like mobile phones & tablets are considered the best gadgets to access the internet even on the move or away from your home desktops. Taking your attention towards the Android Google Play (marketplace), then it is filled with a multitude of educational applications, which is turning into the best hub for Students to obtain interactive learning.

I have assembled the best collection of Android apps for students to learn new things each day without actually getting bored. For sure these apps will benefit students in turning a bright future.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

This is a must-have dictionary app for learners and students, which has been followed from a very long tradition, since the 19th Century. This application is a great platform to check out the synonyms & antonyms of the words. Even you can get assurance for spellings and pronunciation of words that are complex according to you. The best part of this app is it is available offline.


As we know that Wikipedia is a popular platform to grab information of any domain. How great it would be to access it even offline. Yes, it is possible for Android users, they can simply download this on their devices to enjoy free encyclopedia even on the move.

Browse the array of diverse topics and find definitions of different terms with pictures and reference links. However, it is suggested to check the references to confirm the dependability of the content, because Wikipedia is an educational platform rather than any academic project.

Kindle for Android

If you are searching an app to read classical books, newspapers and magazines, then Kindle is just a perfect app by Amazon.com. Discover the pleasure and class of reading with an in-built dictionary integrated with it. You will be able to read The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne, War and Peace by Tolstoy, The Economist and many more, at the fullest comforts even during the move.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram is a wonderful app working as an answer engine, which was created in the year 2009. This is a great tool that can answer to any of the possible questions from diverse areas, which involves the calculation of structured information.

Even you can compute the statistics of your Facebook profile. But don’t mistake this app as a search engine like Google. You can make the use of this wonderful app by buying it for $3, which is absolutely worthy of its use.

World Atlas

No matter what you study, widening knowledge about different countries in the world is a great idea. It becomes more exciting when you get a complete world atlas in the form of an application which can be easily downloaded to your Android device. World Atlas does not mean just the countries and their respective capitals recognized by the UN but you get a lot more including travel information, maps and mind-blowing quizzes.

This app is a wonderful tool to study from credulous sources without the involvement of discrepancies and silly mistakes. For using the map locations of the country maps, you can download Google Maps on your device.

Algebra Tutor

Are you the one who is always running a mile away from the name of Mathematics? If yes, then you got to check out his Algebra Tutor that gives easy ways to learn and understand the complicated mathematical operations such as converting decimals to scientific notations, exponents and more in a simpler way.

There is no need to cram the formulas when actually understand them. It is not just any reference app, but Algebra Tutor teaches you actually – when to do, what and why. No more waiting as this just a must-have app that every engineering or natural science student should possess.

Virt U: The Virtual University

Explore a wide array of academic lectures form every promising domain straight from university like Berkeley or Harvard. This is a well-developed app that allows you to search lectures on different topics and adding the favorites ones in your list to install and watch. Also you can connect to the classmates, who have joined the same lectures.

Additionally you can follow their reading activities and comment the ones that you like. The provided forum is a great platform to raise queries and receive the answers.

Cam Scanner- Phone PDF creator (incompatible with tablets)

Cam Scanner as the name suggests, is a document scanning app which works perfectly in a case where you don’t have a fax machine or a scanner at the moment. This app is packed-up with multiple features like creating PDF, color enhancement and more. The pinching thing about this app is the incompatibility with tablet devices.

For using the full features of the app, you ought to purchase the advanced version of this app. Although students and teachers can grab the benefits of full version absolutely free.

Do you know more Android Apps for Students? Share with us via comments below.


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