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Wordistic is an action packed word making/learning game where you race against the clock to try to qualify for the next ever quickening level.  How far can your brain and word skills take you?

Awesome Features

Real time word prediction, word suggestions and online word definition lookup make learning new words easier than ever. Original sound track by ATLAS. Wordistic offers just about everything you could hope for in a wordy arcade title for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch /Android platforms.

The idea behind Wordistic is quite simple and unique. Basically letters fall from the top of the screen and as they fall, the player must tap them in order to spell out words. You start out with 30 seconds to try to score enough points to qualify for the next level. If you accidentally tap on a bomb you will have 5 points added to the qualifying points needed. If you tap on a clock you gain an extra five seconds of game time. Once you enter and lock in a correct word you will score points and bonus time based on the score for that word.

As you enter letters Wordistic will actually suggest possible words that you can spell based on the letters you have typed so far. If you don’t want to use the suggested word then simply tap on the letters you have made so far and it will suggest another word. If you prefer to have no suggestions what so ever you can press pause then toggle off the “i” icon. In the pause menu there is also a magnifying glass icon which toggles off and on an online word definition lookup – so as you lock in words Wordistic will search online for a definition to that word (this makes learning new words fun and easy).

On the main screen there is a seed number – this number changes every 6 minutes so that several players on different iOS devices can play exactly the same game at the same time. You can also click on this number and enter your desired number to play favorite game or to get a synchronized game going with other players.

If you enable Facebook you can post screenshots at various statistics screens within the game. Wordistic keeps statistics on all words played and these statistics can be accessed on the main game menu (the book icon).

Game Center and Open feint leader boards and achievements are optional. This all adds up to some seriously action packed and fun word gaming on all iOS and Android devices.

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