5 Troubleshooting Tips to Speed Up Your Slow Internet Connection

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Everyone has felt the pang of a slow internet connection at one point or another while some users see their slow speeds as a lost cause. Luckily, there are a few simple steps that can transform a painfully slow internet connection into lightning fast speeds. Here are five quick tips to bring high speed internet back to where it should be.

 1. Check The Internet Connection Speed

The first thing to do is check for the problem in the most likely place, the Internet Service Provider. Some companies claim speeds that only exist under ideal conditions which  rarely translates into real-world speeds. Check your speed by visiting a site such as www.speedtest.net that will be able to remotely test connection speeds.

If the test results do show speeds near what the service provider claim, the problem may lie in the computer or the web browser. Some web browsers, such as Google Chrome, are streamlined to be much quicker than others, so give a different browser a shot. However, if the advertised speed of your cable internet service do not match the advertised price, it is time to call the internet service provider.

2. Router Interference Issues

A second likely choke point for data is the router. More and more internet users have opted for netbooks, laptops, and tablets that utilize a Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately interference around a home can cause dramatic decreases in internet speeds. Companies such as Buffalo offer their AirStation Client Manager on a free trial to test router speeds in various locations around the house to see sources of interference. This allows you to find a interference-friendly location for you router.

3. Other Interference Issues

Beyond basic interference from a bad router location, many household appliances and unauthorized users can also cause interference. Using the same manager to test router speeds as above, internet users can test for interference from various appliances, metal-lined fireplaces, and other electronics. It is also important to password protect Wi-Fi as multiple users can dramatically slow down connection speeds.

4. Updating the Hardware

Internet speeds are only as fast as their slowest link. This means that if any of the hardware, from the landline to the laptop, is out-of-date, connection speeds may suffer. The technology behind modems and routers is updated almost every single year, so looking in to a high-speed router or modem is a quick way to instantly boost a connection.

5. Call The Service Provider

If all else fails, it may be time to call the internet service provider. Your internet service provider should help you determine the issues causing your slow speed. They may also be able to make minor adjustments to modem and router location.

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