How to use Registry Setup with Regedit?

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The simple definition of the registry setup is: it modifies and gives the view to the user that how the computer will run and on what bases it has to be functioned. Registry setup requires you to take some professional assistance or carry on with the system procedure as explained below.

Majority of the people would like to customize and configure the windows as per their needs and understanding. It cannot be denied that a window is a multiple featured base system, which provides features that are in common usage.

There are several ways to alter the configuration, but windows registry editor is one of the most interesting and commonly used one. Before we proceed to its method, one thing must be made clear that it requires skillful handling of the system to immobilize systems functions. The worst part is that there is not enough literature available on windows to comfort the grief.

However, if you are interested in knowing then this article will give information on how to use Regedit in different windows like vista 7, Microsoft has given a slight level of comfort, but still it is not enough.


Information stored in the computers is mainly related to two main sections. One is related to the main memory of system. This information includes all hardware and software proportion. This is termed as local machine. Other is created for the user under the name of user. However, the registry setup is concerned with the changes and applications of the current user.


Registry editing may require you to become first familiar with its functions and rules. Thus, the details related to post editing registry procedure are as follows:

  • First of all, you need to back up your registry, and you can do it through system restore point. Sometimes you may export facility of Regedit, which will ultimately make a copy of the system.
  • Remember that registry setup has no undo option and you can be trapped in a mass trouble to cope up with.
  • Registry is as simple as just merging or backing up REG FILE.
  • Before going to the further step, make sure that each function of the registry setup is functional. If you will go through different profile of registry at once, it will disable all functions of the working system.
  • The best is to allow registry to edit at a single time, as it will make the function smooth. Keep in mind that your wrong approach may damage your computer.


There are a few simple steps, which can be considered for a faster and reliable way to open a Regedit. Do not forget that a single wrong step taken can ruin the whole setup.

Step 1

  • Go to run box

Step 2

  • Type windows key + R. This will open a new window where you can open up a new session for second step.

Step 3

  • Type Regedit without any dialogue to appear
  • Click OK


Step 4

Regedit performs function with two interface points the left point is (key pane) and data corresponding is on the other hand. These files are very analogous to the working of the system.

  • Open Regedit and highlight the text inserted in it.

Step 5

  • Open the “file” extension and click ‘Export’ button

Step 6

  • A standard box for saving the file will appear. Choose as registry file and open the dialogue box. The saved file will appear with the extension of .reg. Do not forget that this will be the copy of highlighted registry key.

Save it, as your registry setup has been completed. Review your backup data as well. Remember these above-mentioned steps. They may be required again in future.

In nutshell, you can say that registering set up with Regedit is not that difficult. However, you will have to follow a systematic procedure in order to achieve this target.


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