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Cloud hosting means when all your data is hosted online and the people whom you allow can access it through the Internet. Photo sharing on Instagram is a good example of this cloud hosting.

With advancing technologies, many companies are using cloud hosting for files sharing, software distributions and fast accessibility to data. The most advantageous feature of cloud hosting is that all your staff can access the same data anywhere, as long as there is Internet connection.


Officially launched on the first day of January, Cloudiro aims to provide you a clutter free cloud hosting service which requires little or no technical skills on your part to run it. There are no complex features to learn as their design is intuitively instructive.

Cloudiro possesses an extremely valuable automatic failover process if a hypervisor becomes unavailable. Your cloud will be automatically migrated to a different appropriate hypervisor. Multiple layers of redundancy are used to prevent any single point of failure.


Cloudiro offers 13 different plans with different features and pricings and you can choose the virtual private server which best suits your requirements. For Dedicated Cloud, Each succeeding or preceding plan is an increment of 1 CPU core (2Ghz each core), 3GB RAM, 50GB storage, 1 IPv4 and unmetered inbound outbound transfer.


Cloudiro has recently rolled out a favourable package for Enterprises, offering more processing power, with basic plan starting from 12 Core CPU at only $40 per month for US region and $50 per month for Asia-Pacific region.

As trivial as it sounds, there are online cloud services that do not actually allow you to change certain aspects of your profile easily after you have created an account. This could lead to much frustration at a later stage in the event whereby you wish to change certain details.

Fortunately, it is different and better with Cloudiro. You can also update or change your information easily at any time you want. With a simple and clean control panel, it makes it very easy to manage your resources, monitor your cloud’s health and keep an eye on all your billings.

One of the most prominent features that Cloudiro offers is its scalability. This means that if your website suddenly receives a huge influx of traffic, you can scale your Cloud quickly to maintain a smooth running of your website. Upgrade to a higher plan at any later time when your website or web application receives very high traffic.

You will receive the additional resources immediately to curb with the high traffic. Cloudiro will help you make a seamless transfer from your old plan to the new version where you can upgrade your system’s memory, RAM and processing power.

Cloudiro provides a money back guarantee within seven day of purchase, should you find their service dissatisfactory. There is nothing to lose, why are give Cloudiro a shot today?

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