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Email has become a part of everyday life in a relatively short time, both for businesses and personal users. With many millions of emails sent and received each day, it’s clear that even the smallest of businesses deal with a great number of emails in a short time. This is why email archiving is an essential part of business. However, how do you know that yours is as efficient as it could be?

Cloud Storage

Many companies are still using the archiving systems they have used for many years, yet the digital world has moved on a long way in recent times. There is a much more effective, efficient and affordable way of handling email archives: the cloud storage solution.

As one of the leading providers of email security and archiving systems, Mimecast is well known to many customers, and the Mimecast cloud storage solution is the ideal product for any size of business. There are many advantages to cloud storage, not least the fact that it frees up valuable server space previously taken up by archived emails.

The cloud storage system can be tailored to the needs of each individual company, and can also allow for personal emails to be accessed only by those who are party to the information. Confidential information stored on traditional archives may be vulnerable to anyone who knows how to get into a relatively unsecure system, while the cloud storage solution is considerably safer and much more secure.

Many billions of emails are sent and received every day, and it’s easy for even the most conservative of users to find they have used up all their storage space in no time at all. With cloud storage solutions it’s not only space that is saved, but time and money too. With some archiving systems a technical hand is needed to retrieve the saved emails. However, with the cloud storage system offered by Mimecast, emails can be retrieved quickly and in real time, and by the users themselves.

Furthermore, when space is limited companies have a tendency to delete information that they may later find could have been of use to them. The cloud storage system means that this should never happen, and mail can be stored for a lifetime.

The Mimecast system offers many features that will enhance and improve the operation of a business, and is cheaper than using standard style archiving systems. Cloud storage is recognized as the future of archiving, and has many adherents and users already. With things changing in the digital world seemingly on a monthly business, it’s vital that all businesses keep on top of security and safety in the email world.

Individuals concerns about identity theft are echoed throughout the business world, and there is much to be said for an offline storage system that is not connected to the computer servers in-house. Cloud storage offers many advantages and is a tried and tested solution to many of the problems that email presents.


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