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Here are the 5 External Storage Drives for iPad. Without a doubt, the Apple iPad is simply a masterpiece of innovation. It can even be considered as the most applauded device of the recent years. When iPad was launched, it created a huge hype. It was something new, something that combined the portability of the smartphone with the functionality of the laptop, all in just one amazing device with robust processing power, touch input and a vivid display.

Since Apple’s product design philosophy has remained rather unusual from the beginning, somehow it was decided that the iPad should not contain any user-upgradeable parts and it should not have any standard USB ports. This decision stripped people of upgrading storage on their beloved iPads. Apple iPads come with 16GB to a maximum of 128GB storage capacity.

It is a fact that 128GB iPad is $300 higher in price as compared with a 16GB iPad and it has restricted many people to go for an iPad with more storage capacity.

The manufacturers of computer storage devices have come up with several solutions for extending iPad storage constraints. A simple online search shall reveal a host of such options but the products mentioned below have a proven track record and may be considered as a wise option if you want to buy an External Storage Drives for iPad.



Seagate GoFlex Satellite comes with 500GB storage capacity and is a great wireless external hard drive for iPad. The hard drive can be accessed by its IP address through Safari Browser or by ‘Seagate Media’ app available on App Store. You can stream media to 8 wireless devices at the same time. 500GB storage lets you save more than 300HD videos on GoFlex Satellite.

It can also automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac computer. Seagate claims that the drive has up to 7 hours battery life making it viable option during travel as well.



HyperDrive, developed by Sanho Corporation, comes 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB storage versions. Simply connect the drive to your iPad through the cable that comes along, and you get the extra storage. The best feature of the drive is that it’s plug-and-play. It gives you quicker access and it can connect to the iPad even through Camera Connect if you don’t want to use USB cable.

The 1TB version of Hyperdrive will cost you $399.95 but interestingly, Sanho Corporation sells Hyperdrive casings at $99.95 as well. If you want to go for a cheaper solution, you can buy this casing and use a laptop hard disk of any storage capacity with it.



With a price tag of $199.95, G-Technology’s wireless external hard drive G-Connect offers you 500GB storage space. G-Connect comes with USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n interfaces making it most flexible storage solution. G-Connect can wirelessly stream content to up to five devices simultaneously.

Simply put your content on G-Connect and your iPad can access that content through an app available at App Store. G-Connect comes with password protection feature providing you secure control over your valuable content. It is one of the best External Storage Drives for iPad.



Offering 2TB of storage capacity, CloudStor Pro from Buffalo Technology goes way beyond just extending storage capacity of your iPad. It is a remarkable Network Attached Storage (NAS) storage solution for you. Simply connect CloudStor Pro to your router, create your account at www.mycloudstor.com and access your data from anywhere in the world through your iPad.

It even lets you share your photos, videos, music and much more with anyone, anywhere over the Internet. With dedicated apps for iPad and other mobile devices, you’ll always be seconds away from your content. CloudStor can even be integrated with social networks making it easy to share content with your friends.



Kingston’s Wi-Drive is portable, wireless storage for your iPad and other mobile devices. It comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions. It lets you share photos, videos, music and more with three or more users on their own mobile device. Share your data with three users simultaneously.

It connects wirelessly to your iPad and automatically creates a custom APN (Access Point Name) for later connections. Kingston provides Wi-Drive app at itunes App Store for easy access to Wi-Drive.

Which External Storage Drives for iPad you are using? Share with us via comments below.


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