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The iPad Mini is the smaller version of iPad 2 but it is larger than the iPod Touch. This model of the tablet is not an alternative for laptop but for a Kindle. It is a compact viewer and reader of magazines, documents, games and movies. It is also useful for creating or editing anything as it is very portable.

What makes this device unique is its design. It is lightweight, cute and discreet. Its weight is light enough in such a way that the user can hold it in one hand as compared to other bulging and heavier device. The screen does not feature Retina Display but offers high resolution. Likewise, the aspect ratio and screen size are perfect for reading apps, comics and magazines.

iPad Mini Design

The design of iPad Mini makes it easy to hold despite of its widest form. It is light as a Kindle and is the lightest and slimmest among other models of tablet around. The bezels of this device are less conspicuous as compared with the iPad’s bezels. Likewise, it will conveniently fit even in your jacket pocket because of its smaller size.

Even kids can easily handle the device and the construction feels stellar, solid and fun to hold. This product is perfect to bring along when travelling.

Convenience in Typing, Swiping and Gripping

The smaller bezel of the iPad Mini does not affect handling the device.  It is because the thicker and longer bezel on top and bottom is very handy to use when in landscape mode. It is very convenient to grip when playing games and viewing videos. Likewise, user can also hold it in portrait position but thumb-typing is also possible in either position. It will take time before you get used typing in iPad Mini because the virtual keys are different from the traditional laptop keyboard.

Versatility of iPad Mini

The iPad Mini does not have Retina Display, yet it is considered as an e-reader.  The aspect ratio is more of a book like making it compatible with PDF files and other layout-sensitive graphics. This device is more advantageous for other media but may not work best for pure text.  On the contrary, the iPad Mini does not work best for video playing as compared to other tablets that have Retina Display.

On the other hand, this device offers plenty of services and apps making it compatible on subscribing to cable streaming, access to TV apps and video stores. Likewise, it is also flexible in terms of services and apps as compared to other competing tablets. Additionally, the performance of iPad Mini is outstanding especially when loading and playing apps yet not blazing fast.

An improvement was made to iPad Mini is the camera that can work either front-facing or rear-facing. Indeed, iPad Mini is also viable to use when taking pictures and videos. You can expect good results of photos and videos just like those that are taken using the iPad. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new device, you should consider the iPad Mini and enjoy its features.


The iPad Mini costs too much, especially considering the lower resolution of its 7.9-inch non-Retina Display.  USA pricing is as follow: $329 (16GB, WiFi), $429 (32GB, WiFi), $519 (64GB WiFi) — add $130 for the LTE versions.

iPad Mini Review Verdict

If you want a full iPad tablet experience in mini version with no retina display then iPad mini is a good choice else there are lot’s of other alternatives available in the market for less money which you can consider. I hope above iPad Mini review gave you a good sense for how it is to use it in the real-world

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