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Here are the top 10 Firefox Add-ons for everyone. If you are someone who loves to browse the Internet on Firefox, and if you hate to get held up when you want to do so, you want to take a look at the large number of Firefox add-ons out there. A good Firefox add-on makes your life significantly easier, and you will find that it can even lead you to new things that you never considered before.


Consider these top ten add-ons when you are looking to enhance your experience and perhaps learn something new. There are some fantastic options to choose from, so consider which add-ons you need.

AdBlock Plus

adblock plus

If you want to explore the Internet without worry about being tracked or otherwise hassled, you need to think about getting AdBlock Plus. AdBlock Plus is a fantastic way to make sure that the advertisers don’t use cookies to track your progress or place pop up ads on your screen. They even stop you from seeing those irritating flashing banners.



No-Script is another security add-on that really helps you browse safely. While AdBlock Plus stops you from getting hassled by advertisers, No-Script is more of a general security add-on. It prevents sites from seizing control of your computer, and it prevents frustrating click-jacking.



Do you ever wish your browser would load things faster? You’ll find that things can get much more efficient if you are willing to use FastestFox. Fastest Fox is an add-on that allows you to grab definitions on words you don’t know, automatically load next pages and to improve your searching.

United States English Spellchecker

Not every box that you type in has an automatic spellchecker function. When you want to make a good impression, download the United States English Spellchecker, which allows you to highlight your text and check the spelling.



Sometimes, you come across fascinating things that you simply don’t have time to read right that moment. If you know you want to save something, the add-on Pocket allows you to pull it from the net so you can read it whenever you want. It also has a function that allows it to sync with your phone, your tablet and your computer as well.


Sometimes, you just want something interesting to read, look at or watch, and that is what StumbleUpon is for. You can find recommendations for people who share your interests, and there is endless content for you to examine.



Are you someone who is always forgetting what you need to do? ReminderFox lets you create a list of reminders and To Do lists, and it has a fantastic system of alarms and alerts to keep you on track, all available from your browser. ReminderFox is an amazing tool when you are looking at staying productive even when you are browsing your favorite sites.


The ImTranslator add-on is one that makes it easy for you to browse the Internet on a global level. This program gives you the ability to translate more than 60 languages, including offering you a dictionary, a text-to-speech function, and the ability to do back-translations as well. Many people find that this add-on is useful for their devices when they are on the road.



Do you ever want to know what you are getting in to before you jump ahead? Do you ever worry that a link a prankster friend sends you could take you someplace that you really don’t want to be? Use CoolPreviews to get a look at where that link or image will take you, all without leaving your current page. Run your mouse over the link or thumbnail, and get an idea of what is coming.



FoxyTunes is a must for any dedicated Firefox user who loves their music. This browser lets you control any media player that you might care to name, and it also allows you to find the lyrics to your favorite songs, to find extra covers and to read the bios of the musicians involved, all straight from your browser.

More and more people are discovering that they can manage most if not all of their computer experience from the browser, and when you have a browser like Firefox, there is very little that it cannot do. Take a moment to think about what you can do to ensure that Firefox gives you the experience that you most want.


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