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Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best smartphone available in the mobile market. Galaxy S4 have too many interesting features and you would love to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4. But before buying the device you can have a hands-on experience of the device via Galaxy S4 simulator.


Recently, Samsung made the presentation (in Peru) of the best smartphone of the year, Samsung Galaxy S4, which brings many interesting things. But if you still are not convinced whether to acquire this new device, Samsung has created an online simulator that shows you the most important features of the Galaxy S4.

In the simulator we will be able to test functions such as:

  • S Health
  • S Translator
  • Samsung Hub
  • Samsung WathON
  • Samsung Apps
  • Pop Up Video
  • S Memo
  • Google Now
  • Swype
  • Air view
  • S Voice
  • The camera features

You can also check out the how Gmail and ChatON works on Galaxy S4, and also have a look to the new feature- S Beam, those of you who love to share pictures and other content via Wi-Fi and NFC.

The simulator is very good, although not the same as having the phone in our hands, it can help us learn the functions of the Galaxy S4 , if you already have one and want to skip the boring manuals, you can learn how to use new features via web. It actually helps to learn how to use the features like S-Health, S-Translator, story album, S Memo and so on. Under the settings section I really like the Air Gesture tutorial, which is really helpful and they shown how exactly to use the feature.

So guys, if you are planning to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4 then, try your hands on the Galaxy S4 Simulator first by visiting the link below;

Samsung Galaxy S4 Simulator


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