Google Puts Love In The Air with Valentine’s Day Google doodle

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Today, love is in the air as It’s Valentines Day and Google has paid its tribute to love in its own special way through its interesting Valentine’s Day Google doodle. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by Google with a Valentine’s Day Google doodle, Google has set the mood on its homepage today with a brand new Google Doodle to mark this special day of Love.. Search engine giant featuring the song of Tony Bennett entitled “Cold, cold heart.”

If you visit Google homepage today, Google shows an awesome animation instead of the Google logo. The Valentine’s Day honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. The new Doodle is an embedded YouTube video, and after playing it, users will be redirected to Valentine’s Day search term.

Valentine’s Day Google doodle  :

Google has always celebrated all special occasions, days and events by featuring various interesting Google doodles. Today, Google has once again filled the air with love with its special interesting Valentine’s Day Google doodle. I hope you like Valentine’s Day Google doodle video.

Tricks Machine wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to all you romantics out there!


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