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The Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 is basically a case that can charge your phone whenever you need that extra battery life. It can actually help you even when you don’t necessarily need the power. So instead of just giving you a little extra battery life, it can actually double your battery life!


This case is designed for people who obviously have a Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s specially designed to fit this phone, though it can fit a few similar phones, but it won’t be perfect and things like cameras and speakers may be partially covered. For a Samsung Galaxy S3 however, it’s perfect. Taking pictures and using speakers is easy and there aren’t any problems at all.

Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

This case can also help protect your phone, so just because it can help your battery life tremendously, it doesn’t mean it can’t do anything else. It keeps your phone protected from the screen cracking and from your phone chipping. Obviously it will also help protect from other minor scratches.

The case is produced by IDS which is a major phone case production company. They manufacture and sell phone cases for almost every kind of popular smartphone on the market. They make both stylish and functional cases, but I’d say the Power Bank Case is more on the functional side. Though, the matte black color and styling of the case is pretty good itself.


Another great feature about this case is that is contains a kickstand. The kickstand just helps you view your phone easier, like any kickstand does. A slight annoyance with the kickstand though is that it only allows you to use your phone horizontally while using the kickstand. It isn’t a huge deal because already having a kickstand is a nice perk.

You can choose when to charge your phone, and you can choose when not to. So your phone won’t just be charging whenever it’s in the case. In that sense, it’s very useful. Turning the case’s charge function on is very easy, and all it takes is a simple press of a button. Also, there are some stylish blue lights on the front of the case that tell you how much the case’s battery is charged. These lights look very nice and definitely add some extra stylishness to the case’s design.


The Power Bank Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will give your phone up to a 2200mAh Charge, which is pretty good. You also have to charge the case itself sometimes, because it doesn’t charge itself like a car battery. My case can sometimes take a while to charge up, usually overnight is enough time for me, but for some people it takes slightly more or less amount of time.

This case costs around €29.95 in Europe, and around $27.99 in America. Obviously, prices will fluctuate and change depending on where you buy it from, and shipping is an additional cost as well. If you buy it from Gearzap then it will cost you £29.95 only. They also delivers products in India, and I received above Powerbank case for Galaxy S3 in just 4 days.

Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Pros & Cons

This product gets some positive reviews and a few negative ones as well. For some people, whenever they have the case start charging their phone, the case gets very hot, hot enough to the point where they can’t hold it for an extended period of time. For me and many other people, that has never been a problem of any sort.

Some people also have a problem with the case’s button being too sensitive so the phone starts charging when they don’t want it to or when their phone’s in their pocket or something. It’s happened once or twice to me, but it’s never been a big enough deal for it to be a real problem with the product. I am extremely happy with this case, and getting that extra charge is honestly extremely priceless when you desperately need it.



Overall, for me this case was a great buy. Whenever I really need the extra charge, this case definitely serves my purposes. So this case is best for people who use their smartphones a lot, and running out of power is a bit of a problem for them. It can give you up to a full charge, which would completely double your battery life!

So whenever you are going somewhere where you won’t have that many opportunities to charge your phone, that’s when your going to be happy you bought this case. So, if your Samsung Galaxy S3 is always dying when you need it most, the Power Bank Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 can really help you out!


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