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An eBook reader needs good lighting for a perfect reading experience. Whether you are on outside or inside, lighting conditions do affect our reading experience and if you are trying to read through eBook reader during the bedtime, when other people wants the light to be off, that could be a difficult situation to deal with.


Today, we will be reviewing Nook Simple Touch Glowlight. It is an eBook reader, made specifically to make the bed time reading perfect. With it’s glow touch feature, it offers brightest innovation in reading.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Glowlight looks similar to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook reader, but with the glowlight feature, it changes everything about reading experience and proves to be the best eBook reader available in the market today.

Initial impressions

This Nook simple touch GlowLight e-book reader has an integrated light, which is distributed uniformly across the screen and set this ebook reader class apart from the other readers, specially for the night time reading. It’s touch screen is very responsive.

Nook Simple Touch Glowlight comes with WI-FI for direct access to the online Barnes & Noble Store. It has an expansion slot for additional memory and has a superb battery life. It has 2GB of internal storage which can be expanded through the micro SD card to 32GB.So, it can hold plenty of Ebooks easily.

Nook Simple Touch Glowlight – Pros and Cons

It comes with a USB charge, microUSB cable and the Nook Tablet. It also has a quick start guide.It has 6 inch EE display, with a resolution of 600*800. It has nice grippable bezel on the sides, which makes gripping the device easier. It has a physical home button.It has a grey border which sets it apart from the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch.

Compare to Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch , Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Glowlight has an enhanced touch screen, which is more responsive. It is not due to any software upgrades, which enhanced touch is something which has been integrated into the product.

Glowlight feature has been integrated into the tablet and be turned on whenever required. Brightness of the glowlight can be easily adjustable to suit your eyes.

It has an anti-glare screen protector which along with glowlight feature, gives the best ebook reading experience.

On the battery front, it offers quite good and long battery backup. With a half hour of usage per day, this device can give battery backup for 1 month.

It supports e-book lending , has no ads and it offers some enhanced social networking feature.

On the cons side, Barnes & Noble Simple Touch Glowlight don’t have 3G support. It also has no web browser and has no audio support. It has a rubberized finish on the back, which attracts fingerprints and get messy after prolong use. This problem can easily be solved with a back case.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Glowlight is the most compelling eBook reading device right now.


Barnes & Noble Nook simple touch GlowLight is little costlier than Barnes & Noble Nook simple touch ebook reader. But, it worths extra money for the wonderful backlight it offers to make the bed time reading easy and fun.

It is light, simple to use and has awesome battery life. It is connected directly with the Barnes and Noble store and you can directly purchase and download the books onto your ebook reader. Even without its audio or 3G support, Barnes & Noble Nook simple touch Glowlight is the best ebook reader available in the market.


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