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BBM 7 is finally out of beta now and available for download. How many times have you felt that explaining something over blackberry messenger could have been a lot easier if you could just pick up the phone and talk? Thankfully, BBM7 has this feature introduced in the blackberry app world. Available for blackberry 6 OS and higher versions, this voice feature makes talking experience smooth and reliable.


You can talk with anyone around the globe via wi-fi which is a lot cheaper than a network call system. In addition, if you have an OS of version 5, do not feel neglected. A special support system for this version will soon be launched which will give them an equal opportunity to avail this service.

BBM 7 launched by Research In motion is power packed with several other cool features which include updated emoticons, BBID integration, and much more. A survey conducted recently revealed that over 80% of the people who downloaded this app would recommend this service to others.


So, you can buy the updated version of Blackberry App world and check out its latest hands-on BBM with voice feature in full action. If you are wondering what other features has been launched and updated, here is an extensive list below:

Split screens

Black berry users have always complained about not being provided with the feature of multitasking which other smart phones provide. So, BBM7 has heard all your suggestions and launched a new multitasking split screen feature where you can text, check mails and navigate other apps while talking on phone.

Moreover, you can also share pictures with the other users while talking to them and switch between call, text or do both simultaneously.

Visual Indicators

Like social websites, you can see the status of your friends and check whether they are online to attend the call or not. For the voice calls to work, the contact should be visible online. So this information is shown with the help of an indicator which confirms their visibility.

New emoticons

BBM 7 emoticons

I have always loved using emoticons as they give you a chance to present yourself in a more creative manner. And even after having an extensive list of creative emoticons, blackberry launched 16 new emoticons which double up the fun of texting. It’s not surprising that people can text-chat with such smiley alone as they beautifully emulate every human emotion.

Accessory compatibility

You can use your favorite accessories such as headsets, Bluetooth, etc with this new app. You can even pick up online calls by simply pressing hands free button while continuing with your work. In other words, this internet calling experience would be similar to network calling with added advantages of being inexpensive while delivering voice clearly.

Black Berry ID Synchronization

Now, users’ information such as a contact number, group profile, etc can be synchronized easily with BBID for backup. This feature can also be used when users move on to Black berry 10 and thus, takes off the work of restoring or editing the information from user’s shoulders.

Go ahead and download BBM 7/BlackBerry Messenger 7 from the BlackBerry App World (available for BlackBerry 6 OS and higher) for free.


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