10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

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Today I will tell you must have WordPress plugins for your blog. WordPress is one of the famous and a great platform to host your blog. With some hosting sites even providing in built WordPress option, website or blog hosting has become easier as well as faster than ever. Also with thousands of plugins available for WordPress for various productivity reasons, WordPress is clearly the first choice for blogging.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

In this article you can find some plugins which can improve your blog’s performance and productivity.

1. W3 Total Cache Plugin

A cache plugin helps in making the site faster. The W3 Total Plugin provides a good user experience by rendering the pages quite fast . Also it stores static information from your site and hence your WordPress blog requires very less CPU usage. This will help your site to render page speed much faster which will be a boon especially if the reader is on a slow internet connection.

2. HeadSpace2 SEO


HeadSpace2 SEO helps you by controlling SEO optimization for your blog including tagging, analytics and many other features. You can easily define meta data for your various pages, define important keywords and whole lot of other activities. Hence you will be able to spend time writing quality content than wasting on configuring SEO techniques. There won’t be need for adding any other SEO related plugin.

3. Sharebar


Sharebar adds a vertical box to your blog with customizable buttons for famous social networking sites. When the page is resized below 1000px, the vertical box disappears and is shown as a smaller horizontal bar just below the post title. This enables visitors to share your posts in their social networking circle and hence more exposure for your blog.

4. Contact Form 7

Contact form as the name suggests is a contact form plugin. It can be used to manage many forms simultaneously. It uses Captcha code and Aksimet for spam protection in the contact form.

5. X-Cloner

It is utmost necessary to backup your site regularly in case your site crashes and you lose it permanently. X-Cloner plugin works as a backup and cloner for PHP/Mysql websites like WordPress. Hence adding this plugin and backing up your site regularly will help you to secure your data.

6. wSecure Authentication

This plugin will hide your admin url which will be accessible only after entering a password. This will prevent most of the hackers to hack into your site and steal important information and make irreparable damages to your website. It will be hence handy to use the plugin to secure your admin account from the hackers.

7. Disqus Comment System

The disqus comment system replaces the built in WordPress comment system and makes comments and discussions quite easy and interactive. Also it makes the comments SEO friendly and searchable by major search engines. Also it provides good filtering of unwanted spam.

8. Reply Me

Reply me is a great plugin to increase the number of comments to your post. Reply me sends an email notification to the person when someone replies directly to his or her post.

9. SEO Smart Links


SEO smart link is a powerful plugin for SEO optimization. Instead of interlinking your posts manually, it is better to install this plugin to interlink your posts by itself by identifying keywords. This way you can save a lot of time and energy and post more quality content.

10. Tweet Old Posts

This plugin helps in providing exposure to your old posts by automatically tweeting them. It will randomly select old tweets and tweet them for better traffic to these posts. This plugin comes with the option to add hash tags, leading tags etc.

I think all above Must Have WordPress Plugins will defiantly help you to make your WordPress experience better than before. Let us know if you know more Must Have WordPress Plugins, share with us via comments below.


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