8 Best iPhone Credit Card Terminal Apps

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The ability to accept credit card payments is important to small, mobile businesses, so the numerous iPhone applications that serve as credit card terminals can be an enormous advantage. No longer must you phone in credit card information from remote sites or lug around separate terminal equipment: you can receive credit card payments whether you are on the road or at a client site. To help you get started with this new flexibility for accepting payments, here are the 8 best iPhone credit card terminal apps.

1. Credit Card Terminal [$.99]: creates a secure mobile data connection to accept credit card payments on the spot. A graphical pay slip you’re your merchant ID accepts the card number on one screen, and then customer signs authorization on the next. A built-in gratuity calculator makes this an ideal app for sidewalk cafes. An Authorize.Net account is required.

2. Square [Free]:

accepts payments of all types, not just credit cards. When you make a sale, enter in the transaction and your customer receives a receipt via email. What a great way to track sales while vending on the street or outside concert venues. This app even handles sales tax. This is a free download from the iTunes store, but you must sign up for a Square account for transaction processing.

3. App Ninjas Swipe Credit Card Terminal [$.99]:. handles inventory lists, international funds, and customizable receipts to give you a professional payment processing system right there on your iPhone. GPS integration gives you, your customer and your processing agent accurate confirmation of where the payment took place and a signature screen captures official authorization from the cardholder. This app works with most payment processors, but if you need one, AppNinjas has a deal you may want to consider.

4. Process Away [$29.99]: this app goes beyond basic authorizations to verify funds, place funds on hold, handle refunds and credits, and service more than one merchant account. While shopping for your app, don’t forget to consider this one. This app costs $29.99 and requires an Authorize.Net gateway or emulator. You can also check out the Process Away merchant account service.

5. iPay POS [Free]: this app has built-in support for the new iPhone based card readers and offers the flexibility of sending payments to more than one merchant account. This application uses the Apple “In-App” purchasing functions so you can prepay transactions or pay extra for unlimited transactions. This app is free, but requires a payment gateway. See the app description for the list of gateways this app supports.

6. Credit Card Machine [Free]:

gives you the flexibility of using your Paynet account to receive payments for goods and services wherever you are. You don’t need any expensive monthly terminal fees with this app, and you can accept all major credit cards while on the go.

7. MerchantWare Mobile [Free]: gets you into the mobile payments game with a free app that connects with your Merchant Warehouse processing account. No sensitive data is stored on your iPhone when using this app. Also, you incur no additional costs.

8. Credit Card Terminal by Spartadata [$.99]: features touchscreen capture and automatic gratuities. Statistics reporting functions help you keep track of your sales while making refunds and discounts a breeze. New updates to this app leverage the latest iOS operating system. This app costs $.99 and requires an Authorize.Net account.

Consider all of these 8 best iPhone credit card terminal apps and choose the one that has the features and gateways that best fits your business.


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