Top Tech Blogs to Watch in 2013

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What are some of the top tech blogs to watch in 2013? As well as smaller and new blogs, these blogs include more established sites that are continuing to innovate and provide great content.


From blogs like Parislemon and Daring Fireball that are drawing large readerships, to new blogs like Xnas, there are a wide range of different blogs that can give you more news, reviews, and comment than you probably need for the tech world in 2013. These blogs, and others, are listed below


Written by Tech Crunch contributor MG Seigler, Parislemon is a more offbeat outlet for his opinions, reviews, and responses to tech news stories. Seigler’s commentary is wide ranging, but always prolific and excellent at getting into some of the biggest stories of the week.


A relatively new blog, Xnas is aiming for an already crowded market for tech news and reviews, one where sites like CNET and Wired have huge readerships. What’s going to distinguish Xnas, or at least make it worthwhile? So far, lots of updates, an accessible style, and a commitment to diverse reviews.

Learning By Shipping

This blog is by former Microsoft Steven Sinofsky, who caused some controversy when he departed the company last year. Learning by Shipping is Sinofsky’s way of commenting on future projects and current news stories; he has indicated that the blog should provide opportunities for opening dialogues within the tech community.


It’s worth searching out Thomas Ricker’s contributions to Engadget, which are consistently entertaining in providing coverage on the newest consumer gadgets; always informative, Ricker is one of the best tech bloggers out there.

Tech Trader Daily

Eric Savitz, who also writes for Barron’s, uses Tech Trader Daily as a way to comment on the latest tech industry news, and also provides investment advice through the site. Savitz’s blog is one of the best to follow if you want to get up to speed with what’s going on with tech industry shares.


A regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Kara Swisher’s blog AllThingsD sees the reporter provide responses to current tech stories; recent blog posts have focused on everything from online ticketing to home automation, as well as broader competition between different tech giants.


For quality journalism, ReadWrite is an ideal blog, with regularly updated posts on Apple, Linux, and the latest trends across the tech industry. If you want to get into a new techblog in the New Year, ReadWrite is an underappreciated gem.


With the tagline ‘Where Computer Science Meets Social Science,’ SiliconANGLE is a fairly unique blog, in the sense that it covers regular tech stories, but places them into a social context; stories on online privacy, cloud services, and college tech add up to fascinating coverage.

Daring Fireball

John Gruber’s blog receives an estimated 5 million hits a week, and for good reason; Daring Fireball is a witty, regularly updated take on everything from iOS to Ubuntu, and pretty much anything else that comes up in the world of tech every week.

All Tech Considered

The tech blog of US public radio station NPR, All Tech Considered isn’t as comprehensive as some of its rivals, but does feature some great standalone posts; current articles include ‘5 Nerds to Watch in 2013’ and features on the future of 3D Printers and an emerging geek culture in Africa.


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