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Do you know why WP Login and registration pages are being considered as the websites’ gateway? This is because, these pages let people browse the site and access the data after authentication. Well, the top branded sites hold elegantly crafted register and login pages to make them better than the rest.

Suppose, the site you own, functions on the user login/registration or can say contains the member-only option, then the well-crafted login page will undoubtedly aid you entice the visitors getting their first impressive attention towards buying your services/products.

This process authorizes eye-catching visual look at the login pages customized using WordPress and their plugins. You can even get WP plugins that are used on a wide scale to customize the register & login pages. They furthermore act like a protection shield to your site and save it from unwanted & malicious attacks. In the header of these pages, applying customization is pretty cool to showcase the business professional’s personality or branding identity.

If you want to replace your login page appearance with a unique and fresh look, then give something additional to it. The below-mentioned WordPress plugins of this post will help you.

1) Uber Login Logo

Uber Login page

In simple steps, putting a customized logo is a painless task these days for every site owner on to the login screen with Uber Login Logo plugin. If you hate complexity, then it’s the perfect solution for you because it never deals with unwanted features and makes your login page stunning in look & feel.

2) Login Security Solution

This popular plugin adds utmost security to the login page for the site’s betterment. The improved security of this default page contains following abilities:

  • Blocks the dictionary attacks
  • Forces the user for changing password
  • Handles maintenance mode
  • Enforces as well as examines the total password strength
  • Logs out the user automatically at idle session

3. zM Ajax Login & Register

It ajaxifies the process of registration and login over your desired site/blog and there is no need to keep opening this page for a long time to stay signed in. The login information with this plugin can be confirmed, but only via modal box. Creating a fresh customized page is allowed here to include all the required functionality like login through Facebook account, etc. It uses AJAX for the verification.

4. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Customizing admin dashboard as well as login screen is simpler in WP site with this plugin as it lets modifying login screen color, form, background, & more according to the choice. You may add a hyperlink, mold footer text, and include opacity.

5. Custom Login

Custom Login

Custom Login comes with an option to change the login page visual look. It gives ease to make everything in your site as per your expectations like logo, color background, form anchor, and labels.

6. Custom Login Plugin

Custom WP Login Plugin

Want to attain a responsive design for your login page? If yes, then Custom Login is the best way to achieve this need as it’s enriched with amazing background slideshow, Google fonts, color scheme variety, and social media connectivity links.

7. Google Apps Login

Google apps login

Get safe, elegant and secure user management and login system to your site/blog via Google Apps Login. Here, your visitors get Google credentials while accessing their account; this is because authentication and security.

8. Captcha on Login

The CAPTCHA used in login page through Captcha on Login plugin takes care your site from brute force attacks. It locks your IP down to protect the WP installation; this happens only if a number of logins get failed and the system requests to change the username to sustain the protection maintained.

9. Social Login

As the name defines, the user can register, login, and comment with any social networking account using this plugin. It stops the need of more email registrations and allows doing this with over 25 social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Facebook, PayPal, etc. It also owns built-in bbPress compatibility.

10. Theme My Login

Creating business theme based pages is now a few minutes of tasks with Theme My Login that offers opportunity to customize WP login, register as well as forget password web pages. The included customization features contain gravatar support, user profiles, redirect options, custom emails and links, etc.


So, we are all done with the list of top-branded WordPress plugins developed especially to handle login page and get the customized results. The post will help in opting for the profitable plugin from the mentioned above.

If you have already planned to customize the page, then why to wait. Start browsing every plugin to comprehend deeply the best one that can prove to be an ideal decision for your business in the future.


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