5 Best Christmas Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

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Best Christmas Plugins For Your WordPress Blog. It’s the time of year again, it’s Christmas time in the city. I have compiled a rundown of best 5 Christmas plugins for your WordPress blog.

I would like to suggest you to spice up your WordPress blog and give it the special Christmas look ! Make your blog more attractive for those visitors who will visit it during holidays in order to find over there little surprises and gifts you can present them in an original way by embellishing your blog by means of cool Christmas Plugins.

Have a look to the following Christmas Plugins list ::

1. Christmas Message

This WordPress plug-in helps you setup a custom Christmas message with cool graphics for all your visitors. This message can be a welcoming season’s greetings or may be a news for the new attractions on your website. It’s like putting up a placard and be assured to grab your visitor’s attention.

2. Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown plugin is which will put a countdown counter in your sidebar counting down to Christmas. You can display it in two different colors, light blue and dark blue.

3. WP-Christmas

This plugin create Christmas snowman Wish everyone a Merry Christmas! And have beautiful falling snow flakes on the blogs.

4. Let It Snow!

The Let It Snow! plugin creates some beautiful falling snow flakes on your blog. It’s easily customizable, so you can set the number of falling flakes, the snowfall speed, and option to get sticky snow at the bottom of your browser.

5. Snow Storm

Display falling snow flakes on the front of your WordPress website for a festive presentation. This plugin is same as “let it snow” plugin, which I had mentioned here.

We from Tricks Machine Blog wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !! Also Read 20+ Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for Your Desktop


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