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A number of devices have been launched by the smartphone manufacturer XOLO, and the most recent entrant is the Xolo A1000. It sports the same 1 Gigahertz MT6577 processor from Mediatek, along with 1 Gigabyte of random access memory that you find on the Xolo A700 and A800 that were launched earlier.  In an already crowded smartphone market, this new entrant will certainly have to prove its worth to become popular.


Features & Specs

Keeping up with the rising trend, the Xolo A1000 sports a large display screen, which has designed with utmost care and gives an overall effect that is commendable. The A 1000 is sleek and stylish and has scored well in the design front. The striking white color of the body is contrasted by the colored charger and earplugs, giving it a neat look. The curved edges on the sides are enhanced by bright chrome lining.

To the left of the phone you will find the volume controls and the shortcut button for operating the camera, while the power button is placed on the right. You may find it a trifle bit hard to use the camera with the button placed on the left side, unless you are ambidextrous.

You may, by default aim to shoot and search for the missing button on the right side, before you realize that it is on the left side. It is this very same button that doubles as button to get screenshots, which in other Android phones will be found as a set of buttons.

The entire face of the phone is taken up by the 5-inch screen that dominates the front of the phone. The three buttons for Back, Home, and Menu are embossed on the front. The front snapper is positioned at the top along with the earpiece and sensors. At the top you will also find the 3.5mm jack and USB and charging port.

The rear camera is an 8MP beauty that is alongside the speaker and Xolo logo. The lens of the camera protrudes a bit, giving and overall odd look. The back panel is plain without any pattern or designs and gives the phone an ordinary look.

The Xolo A1000 sports a 5-inch display screen (as mentioned earlier) with a resolution of the standard 1280 X 720 with 295ppi. The images are crisp and the videos shot have a distinct sharpness. The viewing angles are pretty wide, and the visibility under bright sunlight is quite good. The reflective screen and touch response add value to the phone.

The rear camera comes with an autofocus feature along with LED flash, with no sign of any lag while you click an image. The white balance and select timer are the other features present along with color effects that can be tweaked to sepia, mono, aqua and whiteboard or blackboard. For high contrast images you can use the High Dynamic Range that balances the light range perfectly.

Xolo A1000 video review

The smartphone runs the standard Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 with five home screens that are customizable by using widgets and app shortcuts, though there aren’t many apps that have been preloaded onto this smartphone, save the Xolo Care app. This app is handy for contacting the customer care department via text messages, phone or email. The ToDo app helps you organize your work better and get all your tasks done on time.

You can experience a great gaming experience on the phone with popular games like Angry Birds, Subway Surfer, and Temple Run keeping you engrossed. The built-in storage is 4 Gigabytes and is expandable up to 32 GB through the microSD card. The built-in audio player is good for MIDI, WAV and MP3 formats, and the music experience promises to be great, thanks to the loud and clear speakers with matching headphones.

The battery with 2100 mAh is good for an entire day of moderate usage. This moderate budget smartphone will certainly find many people showing keen interest, thanks to the multiple features offered at a reasonable price.


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