Apple Unveils New MacBook Air at WWDC 2013

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During the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2013) on Monday, Apple announced its MacBook Air which Promises All-Day Battery Life.  New MacBook Air is powered with Intel Haswell processors and Apple’s own brilliant engineering.

New Macbook Air

Let me clear that the current 11-inch MacBook Air boast up to five hours of battery life and current 13-inch MackBook Air boast upto  seven hours of battery life. And now the new 13-inch MacBook Air model will be able to last up to 12 hours and 11-inch model promises up to 9 hours of juice. That would be a jump of 45 hours and 5 hours, respectively.


Devices were updated to the new low-power processor Intel Haswell of 1.3Ghz, and all will have 4GB of RAM. You may request special teams a faster CPU or more RAM.

Other specification includes Intel HD Graphics 5000 graphics card which will  boost the Games performance and also the graphics-intensive apps should be about 40 percent faster. The second highlight of the rebirth of the MacBook Air is its support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac. The new MacBook Air is also capable of running on 802.1ac Wi-Fi network, which is up to three times speedier than the current 802.11n network.

The new MacBook Air will come with the OS X Mountain Lion and its native software layer comprising Messages, Notification Center, AirPlay video and enhanced security Gatekeeper mirroring.  The new MacBook Air will obviously be able to interact with Apple’s iCloud which will allow any user to easily update their content to other devices of the brand.

The new series will also see the number of inputs / outputs wired increased with two USB ports 3 (5Gbit s), a Thunderbolt port (10Gbit/s) and an SDXC card slot (only for large).

The MacBook Air has not finished to save your time as it acquires more of a new generation of solid state drives (128 to 256 GB) announced as 45% faster than those who accompanied the previous MakBook Air.

Apple has not chosen to incorporate its Retina display technology, however, the visual integrity is ensured by an Intel HD Graphics 5000 processor improves performance on video games or other demanding applications by nearly 40%.

MacBook Air Pricing & Availability


Schiller said that new Macbook Air devices will go on sale from today. The price for 11-inch models will be $999 for the 128 GB of storage & 4GB RAM version, and $ 1,199 USD for the 256 GB version. While the 13-inch version will cost USD $1099 version of 128 GB of storage, and USD $1,299 for 256 GB storage space.

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More powerful, more energy-efficient, highly recyclable, the Apple brand promises there a bright future for its MacBook Air.


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