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Tired, seeing irrelevant adsense ads on your blog ? Then Get Highly Adsense Relevant Ads On Your Blog with this technique. As we all know that Google’s Adsense is the most popular advertising programs in the market. Now a days many websites you open has those ‘Ads by Google’ placed at the somewhere on the page. Every time you click on such ads, that webmaster is paid a small amount  by the advertiser, through Google’s AdSense. So Google’s AdSense is the most popular Pay per Click (PPC) program in the world today.

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I am sharing this tips to display relevant Google ads on the content pages on site and earn money. So if the advertisements on your site are closely related to your content there are higher chances of visitors interacting with the ads. This results in a good return for the advertiser, and you.By using the following tags you can direct Google to display the ads that are more likely to receive clicks.  To target your content place the following tags around it.

Adsense Relevant Ads : Suggest a section of a page ::

 <!-- google_ad_section_start --> 

This is relevant content that should be examined.

<!-- google_ad_section_end-->

For wordpress Users ::

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

   <?php the_content(); ?>

<!-- google_ad_section_end -–>

For Blogger Users ::

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->


<!-- google_ad_section_end -–>

By adding this tag to the webpages you will get Highly Adsense Relevant Ads On Your Blog and we will improve the Google Adsense ads that are being displayed on the page by suggesting sections of a page to the Adsense bot. It’s also called Adsense section targeting. If used correctly, this feature can really help you increase your Adsense click and conversion rate with Adsense Ads. Give it a try and share your feedback with us.


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