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The iPhone 4 and 5 have been famous for their features and the specs with the iOS 6 OS lately. The company launched both the last month and now the geeks are already looking forward to the iPhone 6. However, just like before, there is no news from Apple about how the phone would be like, but there are rumors.

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Apart from that, just like the iPhone 4 cases and the iPhone 5 accessories and covers, the accessory dealers in the market are waiting for any good news to start producing the accessories for the iPhone 6. Isn’t this too soon?

The company filed the patent for the iPhone 6 recently. However, it has not yet decided as to what would be there in the iPhone 6. The company is sure to develop something pout of experimentation in the research and development lab and the users are sure to be inspired again.

Rumored iPhone 6 features

Whenever Apple launches a new gadget, the geeks sit together to map out about the features coming out the next year, in the same gadget. With the help of rumors, even the company is able to define some features too for the next generations.

That is why; the rumors are all followed by the dealers of the accessory makers, and even the people who buy the gadgets, when they actually come out. Nowadays, the rumors for the iPhone 6 design prevailing in the market are as follows:

1. Tactile Display Technology

The screens will have the tactile display technology. This means that there will be a prompt response to the actions done on the screen by the users. This will also give the users an experience of a smoother screen. This will also give the users the actual experience of touching the letters on the keyboard, which is virtual though.

2. Feel of 3D

Apple will produce a multi-tiered system with plastic screens one over the other to give the users a touch of 3D in the phones. The advanced haptics technology in the screen will also enable the users to interact with the OLED screen with more of a physical touch experience than before.

3. Flexible Screen

The flexible screen will also be able to house the effect of the screen vibration and sound effects. The screen will also support the effect of the sound waves as well. The display will be based on the woofers, sub-woofers, tweeters and super tweeters.

4. Non-crack able screen

The glass used with the screens will not be Corning Gorilla but it would certainly be crack proof. Many users complain that their iPhone works fine but with a slight scratch or a crack, the screen disables the phone. The screen is expensive to be replaced, and so this time, when the iPhone 6 comes out, the screen will be non-crack able.

5. Shockproof Technology

The patent signed in for the screen says that there will be shockproof technological features in the screen. If you dropped the phone or just stepped over it, the screen would remain intact, now I do not know what will happen to the rest of the body of the iPhone 6.

6. NFC technology

As in the rumors of the iPhone 5, we saw that there was this talk of the NFC feature, but when the phone came out, there was nothing like that. However, now the iPhone 6 is sure to have the NFC technology as all the competitive phones are coming out with such features. Apple would sure want to lead them with something new and advanced in the NFC technology.

7. iWallet technology

iWallet technology is sure to be seen in the iPhone 6. This will enable the users to do all the credit card and the banking transactions directly from their iPhone 6. This was rumored to be seen in the iPhone 5 but now for sure the patent has been signed for it.

For more rumors, you can log online and then you will be able to look for more rumors and news on the launch of iPhone 6 the next year.


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