What’s Wrong with iOS 6? A Few Things

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There is a sea of rumors regarding the new iOS 6 – so many in fact, tech journalists can barely keep afloat when it comes to reporting the pros and cons of the new system. Read complete iOS 6 Review here.


But some features stand out more than others – including the following six not-so-great things about the new system.

While there’s always lots to admire about any new system or technology, it’s basically a law in today’s digitally-doused world that any new intricate new product is bound to be flawed with the occasional snarl. Here are six kinks in the new iOS that have most people scratching their heads these days (and yes, the list does include the notorious new Apple Map disaster):

The App Store is Too Cluttered

Okay, so while the makeover is aesthetically pleasing – sparkling, even, Apple’s new App Store is just too darned cramped. Furthermore, search results are limited to looking at one item at a time, making for the need to spend more time scrolling. Everybody these days knows how precious time is – the last thing we need is to waste even precious seconds scrolling rather than landing an actual purchase.

Wait for it…Wait for it…and…Apple Maps

Let’s just get it over with: the new Maps feature downright stinks. At this point, you’ve probably heard about misplaced cities, imaginary airports and truncated landmarks. But did you know the app actually omits proper transit directions, including a mess of cut-off roads, monuments gone AWOL and more?! You get the idea… the new Map is a new Flop.

You Tube App is Missing, Too!

With everyone’s focus on the catastrophic map debacle, lots of users didn’t even realize that the Google-owned YouTube app has vanished as well. Unlike the forever-gone Google Maps, however, there is in fact a new – and better – version of the app available for download at the dapper new Apple App Store.

Is it Possible to Overdose on Facebook? With the New IOS, it May Be So

Apple’s integration of Facebook into its system prompted cheers from the masses. After all, the strategy allowed users to share pics, update statuses and more without having to go through the trouble of logging into the app. Yet, the app takes it upon itself to merge your FB contacts and your calendar automatically – and quite honestly there are people out there (like me), who’d opt against that function.

While the Facebook overdose is a bit daunting, the good news is that users who feel smothered by the deluge of information can turn off the default integration function.

To Font – or Not to Font?

While this quirk may prove the least of your worries when it comes to the new iOS, it may be enough to turn some away from upgrading. The Find My iPhone feature all of a sudden includes a new font never before seen on iOS. While some may find this refreshing, the problem is, there seems to be no rhyme or reason in terms of where it appears – that inconsistently alone may be enough to cause many to snumb the new system.

Notifications Gone Wild

iOS 6 seems to have gone a bit overboard when it comes to keeping its users informed of events like meetings, birthdays and other important events. While we all need reminders now and then, we don’t need to be hammered over the head with them every time we turn on our devices. iOS provides an ongoing stream of reminders of upcoming events, even when there is a change to an iCloud you may be subscribed too.

On the heels of the aforementioned litany of “wrongs” when it comes to iOS, keep in mind that whether or not you’re shopping at a tag sale or the newest Apple store in town, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…

That being said, weigh your options carefully when deciding whether or not to bring the new iOS on board your collection of devices – that means, reading up on the pros of the system, too!


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