How Google Panda and Penguin Affect Your Site?

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Do you want to know about the latest update of Google? Yes, if you are a part of the industry of SEO, you have to understand the updates that are called Google Panda and Penguin to better your site. Google is a search engine that is very popular. This is very well known for the updates that are regular and the tweaking of its search process.


Some of these updates will get more of the attention while others will get less. However, in the late couple of their updates they have really affected the industry that is online a lot.

Basically, the updates will affect the SEO and web ranking. These two different updates are the Google Panda and Penguin:

What is Google Panda?

The Google Panda update targets the content that is low in quality. This was introduced in April of 2011. The main reason of the update was to target all of the websites, which are borrowing different information from the different websites without giving any other input.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin update that targets the web spam like: link building for websites. This one was introduced on April 24, 2012. Penguin basically introduced the targeting of sites that will carry out the huge stuffing of keywords and building of links.

Reasons Why The Google Penguin Update Affects Your Site:

  • Anchor Text That Is Over Optimized
  • Content Quality That Is Poor
  • Pyramid Link and Relevance Link
  • Back Links That Are Low In Quality
  • Stuffing of Keywords
  • Over Optimization of SEO
  • Links That Are Hidden and Texts That Are Hidden
  • Sending Queries That Are Automated to Google

This latest update of Google Penguin has shocked many of the webmasters. However, there are several of the sites that are affected by the update. The impact is that many of those principles, which are basic of the SEO, seem to have shaken apart. Many of the websites have all been hit really hard and look to come back from the latest of the updates from Google.

The objective that is the main one of these updates is to improve the results of the search engine. If you want to recover from this update, you will of course need to look at the process of the update hitting your traffic on the site. You are stuck with it and will need to recover from this update.

Please go through the following checklis which will help you to recover from Panda/Penguin penalty –

  • Get rid on duplicate content,
  • Get rid on 404 pages or move them to a new domain,
  • Don’t place content into ads, place ads into the content!,
  • Get more high quality and relevant links,
  • Cancel or remove unnecessary footer links,
  • Concentrate on Internal SEO of your blog,
  • Delete, destroy, or dilute offending or suspected low quality links.

Here Are Some Certain Tips Which Will Help You:

1. Anchor Text Distribution: Many of the sites will be affected because of the less anchor text distribution. You will have to increase the proper anchor text distribution with the different types of anchor texts.

2. Quality Of Links: You will have to keep in mind to try to use the quality, which is good of backlinks instead of the ones of low quality. The links that are spammy can penalize your site.

3. Keyword Density: While you make keywords to stuff, stop, don’t do it. Instead you will have to use LSI words. You will have to have a target of the longer keywords and maintain a density of 1.5 percent for keywords as the maximum. It is time to edit the content as well as your LSI words while maintaining the density of keywords.


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