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YouTube has begun testing a redesign of the channels, with a responsive layout this time. It also works better with the YouTube redesign that took a few months ago. It also takes inspiration from Google+, with a huge head on top and a cover image that we can put to adorn our channel.


Changes in new YouTube interface –

Most of the features from the old interface are still available, but they’re more difficult to find. For example, to find the “feed” view, you need to click the arrow next to the home icon and click “feed”. The list of playlists, the featured playlists and the list of likes are buried in a drop-down. There’s also a new “about” section that shows the channel description, the number of subscribers and the video views, which is used to be placed in the right sidebar. The search box is only displayed when you click the new search icon. Source-  Google blog.

The persistent left sidebar and the list of featured channels limit the channel’s real estate, but make the interface more consistent.

As owners of the channel, we can also create a Channel introduction for non-subscribers. The idea is to create a short video, a kind of trailer for our channel, and thus convince new visitors when you will click the button “Subscribe.” Those who are already subscribed will see our recent activity, plus the latest uploaded videos. At the bottom, you can add as many as playlists for easy navigation.

How to activate the new YouTube channel design?

Login to YouTube. To activate the new design, you have to visit a channel that already has the new design like Tricks Machine YouTube channel.  At the top you will find a notice indicating that the channel uses the new design, and you are invited to try.


If above method don’t work, simply visit this link and at the bottom click on the button Get the new design.  One recommendation: start preparing your cover image from the start. They need a relatively large picture (about 4 megapixels) to create the cover art.

As the new changes are still in the beta phase from the YouTube. YouTube will soon rolls out the new Interface changes to everyone. May be this may boost the YouTube power.


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