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Recently Facebook introduced the Graph Search which was a semantic search engine to discover fun connections between people, places and things, but today, they announced New Facebook News Feed, perhaps the most important element of social network (that is the first thing we see, after all).

facebook new news feed

Facebook has a new look to its news feed and they are rolling out. Facebook Timeline updated with substantial changes to the amount of “rich” information shown about content.


What we will see, mostly, is more context for what we share. Adding a new friend, for example, be shown, as in the image below, the head of the person, as well as mutual friends. This is also reflected when we check ins in places, showing larger images, and also for third party apps:


Another important change is that, when several of our friends share the same link (video, news, etc.), this will gain prominence in our timeline, with profile pictures next to, and comments on the bottom.


Events also receive a greater role in the new Facebook News Feed. Now a Friday, for example, we can see directly in the News Feed, upcoming events (parties, meetings, concerts), with which friends will be attending.


Personalization of News Feed also has greater importance. Now Feed will separate into different categories. Because Facebook is more than just friends – Likes combined with celebrities, musicians, venues, etc. – now we can separate what we see in the main, according to what we choose from the menu.

Now we also have a dedicated feed sites and services. Here, we see all the news in one place. Perfect for updates on news and pages we like, without having to leave Facebook. We also have a new indicator of news, every time our Feed is updated, as a “bubble”.

The photos also received an upgrade, with a section within the News Feed to be devoted only to show the images taken by our friends. Everyone will be sorted by albums.

In short, Facebook is reveling pretty design, trying to simplify the overall look, and giving greater emphasis to our content, under the slogan “Goodbye Clutter”, or farewell to the mess. Further, it is trying to provide uniformity across platforms, with an identical experience in mobile, web, and tablets.

How To Get The New Facebook News Feed

If you want to try the new look of the new Facebook news feed then go here to request it, and use the “Try the new look” button. This new design will be available from today for some users, and mobile in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the New Facebook News Feed?

Images courtesy of Facebook


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