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High speed internet, a form broadband communications, provides much better audio and visual quality than dial-up internet. About the only advantage to old fashioned dial-up is that it’s cheaper. Unless you are a light internet user with limited interests about it, chances are you will want a more reliable broadband solution.

High Speed Internet

Dial-up internet, which is a technology that allows you to connect to the internet through a telephone line, does not allow you to surf online and talk on the phone at the same time unless you have two telephone lines, which is not as cost effective as broadband.

Broadband technology became pretty mainstream in the first decade of the 21st century and offers many advantages over dial-up. Many people have switched to broadband as an all in one service for cable TV, internet and telephone. The main distinction between the two most popular forms of high speed internet delivery, cable and DSL, is that cable provides all three services whereas DSL only combines phone and internet.

While cable and DSL are comparable in price for internet delivery, DSL usually costs a little more to install and has a slower download speed. The speed for DSL also decreases the further you are located from the phone company.

Cable internet, however, gives you the best advantages of high speed internet possible. While DSL operates on the narrower bandwidth telephone lines, cable internet is delivered on a more robust coaxial cable with wider bandwidth. The more bandwidth you have, the more likely your internet connection will always be running seamlessly without causing your computer screen to freeze.

With cable you will be able to experience internet the way it is meant to be used, allowing you to download and upload files quickly instead of waiting around and wasting time.

Dial-up is certainly inconvenient if you work online because you can easily get kicked offline during heavy congestion periods. That’s why people whose jobs depend on the internet usually choose high speed cable internet, especially if they have to send files through email or FTP programs that update websites.

Web designers almost universally use cable internet for this reason. Another one of the many advantages of high speed internet is that it can be used for effective video conferencing, whereas slower internet technology is not suitable for such modern communication.

If you use your computer to access media websites, cable internet lets you enjoy videos and music streaming without annoying buffering or other interruptions. You will be able to use your time much more efficiently with cable, watching more videos, sending more emails and viewing more web pages than slower internet options. That’s because broadband, with its wider bandwidth, delivers more information in a given time frame, measured in bits per second (bps).

HIgh speed internet becomes very important if you use interactive websites that require purchasing or participation in real time. One of the best advantages of high speed internet is that is can be used to make instant transactions online, whether it involves downloading digital products or bidding through online auctions.

If you trade stocks online the last thing you want is to be on dial-up and wonder why your order did not go through fast enough to get the best price. Using high speed internet is essential for online professionals as well as fans of multimedia entertainment.


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