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The latest launch from Dots and Lines is Carbon for Twitter. They have now made it available for the Android Platform. There have been quite many awesome apps from this company and we’ve been waiting for a long time for this app to show up in Google Play.

Carbon for Twitter

When they launched their Twitter app for the Windows platform, the Android community thought they are missing something gorgeous. And now, after much tarrying, they have finally got to download the cool app for Twitter on their Android devices.

Carbon for Twitter

The interface looks super-cool and the app is fluid enough to give users a comfortable experience on their Android devices. Making apps as fluid as possible is necessary because there are devices of all screen sizes being launched lately. Dots and Lines have followed the right path by making their app fluid enough to fill all screen sizes comfortably.


While some apps in Google’s app store turn out to be eyesores with rigid interfaces which won’t resize itself on different devices, Carbon for Twitter performs excellently well in this regard. With their very first version in place, Carbon for Twitter has got itself a lot of fans already. Looking at the rate of downloads done in the initial stage, there is a lot of scope for greater contribution from this company.

There are still some people who’re waiting for the reviews to decide if they would have to download it or not. This post aims at giving you a first-rate review of the app. Read on to know more about its performance.

Launching the app will take you to the authentication screen in a cool flash animation. After you authenticate yourself, you will find your Twitter stream displayed without much change in the layout. The tweets are arranged neatly in cards and this helps you do specific actions like retweeting and so on without much discomfort.

You will not have to scroll all the way down to reach the bottom of the page. A downward swipe with two fingers would do the trick for you and you will be taken right to the bottom of the page. Similarly, to reach the top of the page, you will just have to swipe upwards with two fingers.

The Mentions and Direct Messages are displayed in a separate pane and you can access this pane by swiping right. While you are jumping in and out of conversations, it plays a beautiful card tilt animation and this is my favorite. There are light animations added for all the actions and so you will find it fun to use this Twitter client.


All these gesture support and animation have not slowed down the app a bit. This app proves to be cleverer than most other Twitter apps in Google Play by supporting more gestures. It recognizes what you want it to do and responds almost instantaneously. Momentary freezes have become an unavoidable part of most Android apps.

As I have had many of these freezing-moments, the first quality I checked out was this. The app responds absolutely well to all the gestures without a bit of lag. This is what you will want to see in an app for which you’ve been waiting for ages, right? It has almost all the features that you will want to see in a Twitter app.

You can filter your Twitter stream based on different criteria such as hashtags, searches, retweets, and so on. This feature could be a lot more helpful especially when you find your Twitter stream crowded with tweets from all whom you’re following.

There are a few of the features missing. Notable among the missing features are push notifications, Twitlonger, and Tweetshrink options. If these aren’t the criteria you use to make your decisions, dive right in and install the app. It’s worth trying out.

Download Carbon for Twitter for Android


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