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Something I expected a lot for Android was Google Analytics,  and now there is finally an official version of Google Analytics for Android is available for download.

The Google Analytics for Android application is now available to download on Google Play store, is free and gives you all the information you need to monitor your site visitors. We will be able to track the number of visits, your goals, and customized alerts to visitors in real time.

“See the number of visitors you currently have and a list of the pages (for websites) or screens (for apps) that are currently popular,” says Google’s Peng Li. “Monitor the KPIs and user metrics you care about the most. By default, you’ll see your Daily Unique Visitors and your Goal Conversion Rate, but you can customize the dashboard to change which reports, metrics, or segments you see.”

Google analytics for android

The Google Analytics for android app shows what is new and what is important on your Google Analytics profiles. See real time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence events on your phone. It certainly is mandatory for anyone with a website with Google Analytics .

Download: Google Analytics for Android


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