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As the world of smartphones continues to expand, Blackberry tries to cling on to some of the market. Although the popularity of Android and Apple have taken a strong hold of the global market, this phone could have the power to change a few minds about the devices people choose to own.

BlackBerry Z10 review

BlackBerry Z10 Features & Specs

The Blackberry Z10 is loaded with hardware that supersedes other popular brands and makes use of new innovations.

1. Display

The BlackBerry Z10 uses a 4.2-inch LCD display operating at 1280×768 resolution. As opposed to many other competitor models, this smartphone is built with 356 pixels per inch which can provide amazing clarity in nearly anything you want to do.

The 24-bit color depth of the device only enhances the imagery produced and can easily compete with other smartphones.

2. Storage

With a built-in 16GB flash memory, the BlackBerry Z10 has twice the storage capacities of competing smartphones. Add an extra 64GB using the compatible microSDHC memory card which is stored underneath the battery for safety.

You can have up to 80GB of files, music, and movies combining the maximum supported storage types together. Many smartphones don’t offer the additional storage capabilities of microSDHC.

3. Processing Power


The dual-core 1.5Ghz processor within this smartphone is reinforced with 2GB of RAM. This allows the BlackBerry Z10 to operate with amazing response times to apps and is able to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously. The combined power of the processor and RAM will give you enough power to complete any task in a short amount of time.

4. Networking Abilities

The BlackBerry Z10 can utilize 2.4 and 5Ghz frequency bands for 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networking routers. This allows the phone to connect to virtually any wireless hotspot and router you come across. Bluetooth 4.0 LE gives you connectivity between various devices including a hands-free headset for those who need the functionality of their hands. As an added bonus, it can also connect to 4G mobile hotspots as well.

This device can access carrier services of up to quad-band 4G LTE. The Z10 can be used on a variety of carriers across the globe as it can also connect to HSPA+, EDGE, and GSM networks of varying degrees. This opens the doors to use a wide range of carriers for your phone service and have complete compatibility.

5. Power Consumption

Loaded with an 1800 mAH battery, the Z10 can endure up to 10 hours of talk-time on 3G networks. In standby mode, this smartphone can be in operation for up to 13 days before needing a charge. The USB port allows for synchronous file sharing and phone charging.

6. Impressive Cameras


A 2mp front and an amazing 8mp rear facing camera allow Z10 users to take astonishingly detailed images and full 1080p HD video. Utilizing the maximum storage capacities, you could film for hours in full HD video and playback the content using the micro HDMI port for television connectivity.

The front facing camera is able to capture video at 720p and has an impressive capacity for video conferencing.

7. Apps

The BlackBerry Z10 is loaded with the most popular apps and social media. Stay connected with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. If the apps you want are not available on your phone, choose from BlackBerry’s app selection and increase your mobile functionality.

Skeptics may theorize that the Blackberry could be on its way out. Although the Z10 is superior in many ways, the marketing prowess of both Android and iPhone have solidified their presence within the world of telecommunications.

Could the BlackBerry Z10 be a turning point for this manufacturer? Only time will tell as consumers can become fickle with competing technologies.


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