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Every time we need to check or monitor Blood Pressure, we usually have a visit to our doctor’s clinic. Most people commonly rely on the doctor’s finding although some already have their own blood pressure monitoring devices; but problem with some devices is that they are not that easy to use, except for that digital blood pressure monitoring devices. Now can be the time to stop all these cumbersome methods and start monitoring your BP with on your own Apple gadgets.

This will enable the use of your apple gadget like those smart phones, touch screen units to monitor the blood pressure.

Extremely Easy to Use:

To use your Apple device for BP monitoring, you just need to wrap the cuff around your arm and will fit from 9 to 17 inches in circumference. Simply connect the blood pressure monitor to your IOS Device and press start at the free apps of your Device and then the air pumps will automatically inflates at 15mmHG/s and after a moment you will now have the results of your hearts reading the systole and the diastole.

iOS has plenty of other advantages[Monitor Blood Pressure]:

  • Many users can use it any number of times.
  • Free to check the historical results such as last day, current day (with different timings) or any date of your choice as per your wish.
  • Can view the historical data on your online account not only on your device and share it with your physician for getting necessary recommendations.
  • Can synchronize the Historical data with Microsoft Health-Vault and Google health.

Top Three Heart Monitoring iOS applications: There are several Blood Pressure monitoring Apple applications available worldwide, from amongst which we have carefully selected the top three applications.

1. Heart-wise Blood Pressure Tracker

This BP monitoring application has been developed by SwEng L.L.C. and can be downloaded for $ 0.99, Though the application is not free, it is worth the money as it is very effective and easy to track BP, pulse and weight with it.


Its latest version 4.1.1 includes the following features:

  • German and Spanish Language Support
  • Intermittent time zone error in reminders corrected.
  • Calculations in formatted report now correct for all devices/OS versions.

2. Monitor Blood Pressure

This application has been developed by Taconic System LLC and can be downloaded for free. It is very simple and easy to use instrument. It keeps track of your important health stats, including blood pressure, weight, and heart beat rate, right on your iPad.


It is one of the best health tracking apps with lifetime data visualization, now for free with features hard to find anywhere else.  Its latest version 1.3 includes the following features:

  • Inserted charts in the email/export.
  • Added help/FAQ page.
  • UI polishing according to feedback’s.

3. BPMon

Blood Pressure Monitor is advanced and easy-to-use tool to monitor your blood pressure on a daily basis and included tools for recording, editing, exporting data, calculating and drawing statistics and reports.


It has been developed by Anatoly Butko and can be downloaded for $1.99.  Its latest version 3.2.2 comes with an additional date/time fix (Time zone correction).


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