Six Jailbreak Applications for an Attractive iPhone

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Jailbreak applications enhance your iPhone to give it an attractive and user-friendly appearance. Jailbreak designers work on the existing iOS platform to enhance features lacking by Apple designers.

Jailbreak Applications iphone

The following is a list of six jailbreak applications that make your iPhone attractive, useable and functional.

1. Infinidock

It allows you to put an unlimited number of applications on your iPhone dock. You scroll the dock in the same manner as the iPhone pages to access your dock applications which don’t show on the main screen. Infinidock really makes your iPhone attractive by cleaning up a cluttered springboard.

Organized applications give a cleaner, attractive appearance. Infinidocks comes with a modest $.99 fee and is available from the Cydia store.

2. Infinifolders

It works in the same fashion as its sister application Infinidock. Infinifolders allows you to put unlimited amounts of applications into a single folder. This allows you to eliminate multiple folders with similar topics. You scroll downward to access applications not displayed in the top half of the folder. Infinifolders comes with a modest $.99 fee and is available from the Cydia store.

3. Overflow

Overflow utilizes the Cover Flow technology acquired by Apple to enhance the iPhone dock. Used in conjunction with Infinidock, Overflow animates the dock, allowing you to scroll and brings the selected icon to the forefront. Overflow comes with a modest $.99 fee and is available from the Cydia store.

4. FakeCarrier

FakeCarrier works as a simple little jailbreak tweak to remove the cell phone carrier name from your iPhone status bar. FakeCarrier allows you to add any text you desire such as your name, nickname or a username.

The FakeCarrier application displays between the cell phone signal strength icon and the Internet connectivity graphic. FakeCarrier is a free jailbreak tweak to make your iPhone more attractive.

5. Winterboard

Winterboard is the go-to Cydia application for applying themes to your iPhone. You need Winterboard to download the numerous themes and tweaks from the Cydia repository. Cydia houses thousands of themes ranging from full springboard overhauls to slider graphics to new icons.

Winterboard is the interface used to activate these themes and manage them. Winterboard is available free of charge. Some themes that work with Winterboard may cost extra.

6. Dreamboard

The Dreamboard application works as an extreme iOS overhaul. Many users don’t like the iPhone springboard with 12 applications and a dock. Dreamboard gives them the option to change this springboard to any design available from designers on the Dreamboard interface.

These include widgets and Android or HTC design interfaces. Dreamboard is available free of charge. The themes may cost extra.

Do you know more iPhone jailbreak applications? Share with us via comments below.


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